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I Can Train Again!

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  • I Can Train Again!

    Woo-hoo! Sempai's said I can start practising tandoku again (as long as I don't hurt myself...) Once I've moved and have bought a stool, he wants me to start doing cuts sitting (30 with shinai first week, 30 with bokken second week, 30 with iaito third week) and that also means I can do chi kung sitting. This is as a result that my bad knee doesn't hurt nearly as much as my aching muscles after four months of no training or exercise at this weekend's seminar! Lawrence Sensei has also recommended to me a really good natural healer who will hopefully be able to bring down the swelling in my knee (the anti-inflammatories all gave me hiddeous side-effects) until I can get my MRI done. So there's hope for me yet Learnt the last three tandoku at the seminar we just had from sempai (actually, Bob taught them to me quickly in January but in the intervening six months they fell out of my head) and Ramon very kindly ripped my tsuki zue apart. I'm so grateful to him.. and mortified!

    Heh, maybe's there's hope for me yet

    Damn but it feels good to train!

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    Thats great news Newbie, hope to see you at Kendo soon too


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      [Chant]JO-DO JO-DO JO-DO[/chant]

      Gratz mate!..err...miss? whats the femenine version of "mate"?

      Anyways good to see you back on your feet..knees.


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        Feminine version of mate is mate

        And not on my knees, no For iaido it's still standing kata only. As a result on the weekend I learnt for iaido kata five, six and standing version of three.


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          Thats great news Newbie, hope to see you at Kendo soon too
          Just waiting for that MRI... the very thought of seiza or fumikomi is enough to make me wince.


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            Originally posted by Newbie View Post
            Feminine version of mate is mate

            I thought it was "sheila"