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Paris Takai 2005 Embu - Matsui and Matsumura Sensei

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  • Paris Takai 2005 Embu - Matsui and Matsumura Sensei

    A Paris Takai 2005 Embu of Shinto Muso Ryu.
    Performers are Matsui Kenji as Uchidachi and Shigehiro Matsumura as shidachi.

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    Ummmmmm...comment please...

    the man in white, with the bokken, his hasso-kamae seems to be very high, and elbow also very high... is this a particular style ?? Including the bokken side, being much slower (un-naturally slow) to retreat and give himself as a target for tsuki...

    Interesting (or perhaps I mean, very different interpretation) of 'stretch' timing....hachi dan or not....


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      Originally posted by Budo Angel View Post
      is this a particular style ??
      The man in white is Matsui Kenji Sensei, a menkyo kaiden of Shinto Muso Ryu. He started his jo-training under Shimizu Sensei. After Shimizu Senseis death in 1978 Matsui was still not fully licensed so he started learning Jo from Otofuji Sensei of Fukuoka Jodo. Otofuji Sensei was Shimizu Senseis junior by 3 years but unlike the latter he stayed behind in Fukuoka when Shimizu Sensei left for Tokyo to teach Jodo there. He eventually recieved a full license from Otofuji Sensei.
      A lot of the "old gang" went to Otofuji after Shimizus death by the way.

      As a result Matsui Kenji's style is mostly "Fukuoka" these days, (though I'm told he also has lots of "Tokyo" left in him), and that is what you see in his performance regarding the hasso-kamae and high elbow. Also note that when Matsui presents his sword and raises it to hasso he is standing with his feet close together instead of stepping forward like we do in the Tokyo-styled dojos.
      See this clip below of Otofuji Sensei for a comparison.

      As for "unnatural slow". I agree the speed is a bit slower than what you usually see, (even during ran ai), but thats their prerogative.