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BKA Iaido and Jodo Nationals 2011

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  • BKA Iaido and Jodo Nationals 2011

    Apologies first for the lateness of this notification. The application form for the 2011 Iaido & Jodo National Championships is now online and available here:


    Word Doc:

    Please remember that the closing date is Friday 1st July by cheque and post this only leaves a few weeks.

    We sincerely hope that as many of you as possible will come to support this what has become a major and highly enjoyable event, an opportunity to train and see the very best performance of others.

    At the end of the Jodo event we hope to have time to carry out our last Koryu Jodo Session before the summer seminar so I hope lots of people will come for this as well. No charge will be made for this training session. Also we will be looking to get volunteers to help out at the European Jodo Championships 2011 and get them some experience in floor managing.

    I look forward to seeing you there.

    On behalf of the BKA Jodo and Iaido bu EC

    Andy Watson
    BKA Jodo Bucho

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    Having received various bits of feedback from you we have decided to move the date of the BKA Iaido and Jodo Nationals to the 16th and 17th July as this is the weekend that most people said that they could attend. The venue managers have allowed us to make this change without further charge.

    We have checked the local hotels in Stevenage and they appear to have plenty of room on this weekend which should hopefully help those out who are travelling a distance to get to the venue or are staying overnight for the Jodo event. I realise that this change may have already caused some problems with those who have already booked accommodation and I hope that they are able to make adjustments without extra cost or inconvenience.

    In response to feedback at the AGM, the two Bucho are also considering making the Iaido and Jodo nationals separate events next year with a view of making a [Day 1 Seminar (with referees seminar), Day 2 Taikai] format. Hopefully this will combine with an existing squad training to make useful and enjoyable weekend sessions.

    I hope as many of you as possible are able to attend the nationals this year despite the changing of dates and I look forward to seeing you there or at the next event.

    Best regards

    Andy Watson

    BKA Jodo Bucho