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  • With sadness

    I discovered the latest modifications in seitei jd. distance, menace... everything seems to have changed to evacuate the sensation of danger from the tachi. even the gyakute uchi on the ken are made from a closer distance.

    Now i'll have less pleasure performing seitei jodo.

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    What do you mean?


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      Unless I misread what you wrote, the correct distance for gyakute uchi during Sotai Dosa is further away than it used to be. This was when the Uchidachi had to use the sword to avoid having their temple smashed in and had to scurry away for dear life. The up to date version of gyakute uchi allows the Shijo to complete the strike to the uto and the Uchidachi is thereby further away.

      In any case, Sotai Dosa is a technical exercise and is not meant to represent combat or menace. The swordsman is there to help lift the level of the Shijo by providing consistent training techniques to work against.