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Articles about jodo, SMR jojutsu, connected schools (like jutte, kusarigama, etc.)

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  • Articles about jodo, SMR jojutsu, connected schools (like jutte, kusarigama, etc.)


    There are a lot of articles, interviews, books in kendo.
    I would like to read some history, stories, articles, interviews, etc. in jodo/jojutsu topic.
    Interviews with senseis would be especially interesting!
    Do you know any good resources?
    I found an interesting one from Andy Watson sensei on kenshi247, but sadly no follow up for years.

    Thank you all if you can contribute with a link, suggestion or anything


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    From the Sei Ryu Kai perspective there are materials including sensei interviews on several pages of (SMR in Nagoya - use the menu to select pages labeled in English, unless you have fluent Japanese of course)

    Beyond Sei Ryu Kai, posters on this site have been responsible for several resources:

    There is the online version of Krieger Sensei's book originally made available by Fred one version is at

    You have already found the excellent Andy Watson pages on

    Then there is Kim Taylors article on the history of SMR drawing on Matsui Kenji (you should follow EJMAS anyway )

    There is also the link collection on

    A Kuroda line SMR group in Nagoya put up a site several years ago


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      Aden, thank you!

      Looking forward for more from more people


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        Aden, where is Sei Ryu Kai connected?
        I know there is the Fukuoka line and the Tokyo line and Krieger senseis line.


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          Sei Ryu Kai originated in Tokyo, established by Nishioka Sensei. Listed them first as thats where I started my SMR (was straight ZNKR kendo/jo/iai practitioner before that).