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Jodo Kyohan or Shinden Shinto Muso ryu by Shiokawa Hoshoterushige

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  • Jodo Kyohan or Shinden Shinto Muso ryu by Shiokawa Hoshoterushige

    I'm looking for a very complete SMR book, and since both of these books are quite expencive I can only buy one

    anyone seen both of these books? which one is more complete and easier to understand? (specially photos)

    according to the book description, Shinden Shinto Muso ryu covers, Omote, Chudan, Ranai, Kage, Gohon No MIdare, Samidare, Okuden, and Kasumi Shinto ryu.

    how deep Jodo Kyhan covers SMR, does it show the Okuden set, and the 12 Tachi katas (Kasumi shinto ryu kenjutsu) ???

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    What do you want out of the book and who is your instructor? If you have no instructor what is your potential instruction lineage? From there you will know which book is closest to what will be useful to you. If you simply want a book on the shelf with as many kata as possible, I'd pick according to that criteria. If you're looking for an idea of which will be able to teach you jo, you've come to the wrong crowd, and those who do SMR would not be the correct folks to ask anyway as those who study an art tend to fill in between the lines when looking at a manual. A student of the art might figure a book is amazing for it's details on the details while a strict beginner wouldn't have the background to make heads or tails of the instructions.