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Jodo Darlo grading questions

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  • Jodo Darlo grading questions

    Hi all,
    I do not do jodo, but thought it worth asking on here for my dojo mates just in case.

    Many people it seems have been trying to get a hold of the questions for the upcoming BKA grading in November but to no avail.
    The BKA website seems somewhat out of date, and they have not been able to get any replies from the given contact email.

    For my Iai questions (having not received any by email), i was fortunate to have a dojo mate that got hold of a copy, and i have passed these in turn to a couple of other gradees.

    Would anybody be able to assist with this despite the deadline being so close? or are there no questions for Jodo this year?

    Many thanks for any information anybody can provide.

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    You've got the iaido questions? I'm still wating for those and was starting to worry about that. I don't suppose I could have an unofficial copy?
    I can't help with jodo questions I'm afraid.


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      PM me your email address, i will happily send them over. They are due in on the 9th apparently.


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        Thanks. PM sent. I doubt I can get it done by the 9th but if they don't put them online, how can they expect people to do the questions.


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          In case my reply didn't go though. Thank you very much .