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    Can you please help?
    Is there any lessons on Jodo is bolton? Thank-you.

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    I don't have a clue what a bolton is or even what your asking, you might want to check your spelling


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      Hi ant,

      Are you asking if there is anywhere in Bolton (North West England) that practices Jodo?

      If you are then here is your answer:
      As far as I know there is not.
      There is a Kendo Club (DoShinKenYuKai) and an Iaido club (Katsumushi).
      Both are in Kearsley. If you have a look at my profile and click emitbrownne's homepage you will be directed to the DSKYK kendo site. I do not know if Sherriff Sensei has a site for Iaido.
      Please be aware that although the DSKYK site does have Jodo on it , it is not practiced at Kearsley.

      If you are not asking that question then sorry I can't help you.