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Canadian Jodo Grading Nov 13, 2005

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  • Canadian Jodo Grading Nov 13, 2005

    There will be a Canadian Kendo Federation seminar and Ikkyu grading on November 13 2006 starting at 9am with the grading at 1:30pm. The grading will be Ikkyu only and you MUST have your information (see the grading forms) to Ward Jardine by Nov 6 at the latest. This can be given by email and you can bring the physical forms and fees to the seminar. For current Jodo requirements and grading form: In a nutshell, for ikkyu you must know the first three kihon and the first three kata, sword and jo side. The location is the Renseikan dojo in Pickering. For the address and a link to a map: Those who are not yet members of the CKF but would like to start jodo are welcome to attend the seminar. ALL those challenging for their grading should attend the seminar. Seminar schedule: 9am-noon, seminar and grading practice. 1:30-? Grading, Post grading to 6pm, more seminar. NOTE: a pre-seminar seminar will be held at the same location (actually in a nearby park so email Ward for directions) Sunday Oct 23 noon - 4pm Again, all are welcome. Kim Taylor Jodo section, CKF