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  • How many kata?

    In a koryu thread, someone said that there were 64 jodo kata. With no intent of casting aspersions upon that person's honesty, is that true? It seems like a rather huge number. Having just started jodo, it's a daunting and discouraging number as well.


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    Jodo Kata

    Hi Confound,

    I too have only recently start Jodo, so don't take everything I say as Gospel.

    Jodo Kata as similiar in setup as Iai (Which you have mentioned you practice in other threads.) As the Kata is made up of both Seitei and Koryu forms.

    There are 12 Seitei Kata and numerous Koryu.

    Below is an exert from the Dojo web page that I practice at. This will probably explain number of Kata and weapons used for the kata far better than I can.

    [QUOTE]There are twelve Kata in the 'Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Seitei Jodo Gata', which may be practiced in solo form but are more correctly practiced with a partner. They are named;

    Ipponme - Tsuki Zue
    Nihonme - Suigetsu
    Sanbonme - Hissage
    Yonhonme - Shamen
    Gohonme - Sakan
    Ropponme - Monomi
    Nanahonme - Kasumi
    Happonme - Tachi Otoshi
    Kyuhonme - Raiuchi
    Jupponme - Seigan
    Jyuipponme - Midaredome
    Jyunihonme - Ranai

    Examinations for rank in Jodo may be taken through the British Kendo Association, who are in turn affiliated to the International Kendo Federation. Initially all examinations are based on knowledge of and ability in the Seitei kata, in examinations for Rokudan [6th dan] and above some knowledge of and ability in Koryu kata is required.

    Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu
    There are over sixty Jo kata in the syllabus of the Shindo Muso Ryu and as there are two sides to each kata, Jo and Sword, this number is effectively doubled. Again ettiquette is performed before each practice, the ettiquette is different and slightly more elaborate than that used for Seitei Jodo. The kata are grouped into levels of practice, these being;

    Omote Waze - Twelve kata
    Chudan - Thirteen kata
    Kage - Fourteen kata
    Sami Dare - Five kata
    Gohon no Ranai - Five kata
    Okuden - Fourteen kata
    Hiden Gokui - Five kata

    In addition to the Jo kata, the syllabus of the Shindo Muso ryu contains the teaching of other weapons and of these 'Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu' and 'Uchida Ryu Tanjo Jutsu may be practiced at Do Shin Ken Yu Kai.

    If you want to have a look at the Jodo section of the website in full just follow the link in my sig to Do Shin Ken Yu Kai.


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      That does explain it very well. That's a large amount of kata...



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        Originally posted by Confound
        That's a large amount of kata...
        Hmmm, actually, when I started Kendo, I was quite surprise to know that there are only 10 Kata for Shodan to Hachidan.

        That's not enough at all. If you do a search on Koryu, you'll know that there are like 10 kata for Shoden, 20 for Chuden, 30 for Okuden etc. Of course this varies from Ryu to Ryu.

        Kendo Kata... people so lazy.


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          I was wrong about 64 then I am taking up jodo again now after some years with only iaido and kendo, and look forward to that. During my 5-6 years of jodo, I managed to work my way trough seitejo, and omote. Did tanjo as well. Great fun. I have seen chuden and kusarigamma, and the kenjutsukata. If you add those weapons the number of katas is quite overwhelming,
          I limit myself to do kihon sotai, kihon tandoku and seite for
          for quite a time, to freshen up what still has to be in there somewhere. Lots of people are satisfied doing only seite, it depends of course of available instruction, and what other arts you do, at what level.