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  • One cut one kill

    This thread is born from a post related to Shinkage Ryu gasshi-uchi.
    Is interesting that the most famous sword ryu have all as foundamental technique a "one cut one kill" one.
    It seems to me that maybe this is the very big difference between japaneese and occidental swordmanship
    If i am not wrong Itto ryu has "kiri-otoshi", kashima shinto ryu has itotsu tachi which follow a similar principle.
    What do you think about this?
    Do you know other ryu's similar technique?

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    Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu - good ol' shomenuchi (and all the variants that follow).

    I am looking forwards to Alex's input on this. Jigen-ryu seems to destroy the opponent with about fifty cuts until uchidachi can't defend any more. Aggressive.


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      I don't know that Shinkage-ryu's gasshi-uchi could really be classified as a "one cut one kill" technique. For one, in every kata it appears in, it is followed up by further attacks. It is one thing to do it with fukuro-shinai; with shinken it would be a low-percentage technique, with virtually no room for error. Quite out of character for Shinkage-ryu's simple, pragmatic and utilitarian approach. Rather, gasshi-uchi is more like taking Shinkage-ryu's essential gokui and stress testing it to the maximum degree of difficulty. As a matter of fact, gasshi-uchi is in all likelihood an Edo Period innovation, at a time when the headmasters had the luxury to experiment with more abstract "principle-based" training.


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        I think the concept of 'one cut, one kill' is the ultimate goal you strive towards. This is also reflected in trying to hit the perfect ippon men in Kendo.


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          I tryed to do something similar to this with a dojo mate who is training himself in jodan. As my seme induces a katate men from him, i tryed to cut big men as straigth as i can. It doesn't work too much, but the few ippon that i made were extremely satisfying........i feel my attack "cutting" throught that of my aite...wonderfull sensation!