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  • Nunchaku question

    I am having some problems knowing what to do regarding the length of my nunchaku. I own standard 12" oak nunchaku with a 5" chain. When my arm is at full extension away from my face (during the swing), the end of the nunchaku only clears my face by millimetres which isn't safe. However, if I hold them in a reverse grip, the length of the shaft is perfect along my arm (ie covers all of it with no overhang).
    I found a really useful topic here: about the correct length which when I try it out on myself, gives me about 9".
    The next size down commonly available is 8" which therefore is too short.
    Is it safe to modify the length of nunchaku myself? Will it afftect the balance afterwards. Also, in that post it recommends rope, which I want to get anyway regardless but in this country the rope is always about 7". If it safe to modify that as well? I won't do anything that could hurt anybody else. Also, I haven't seen any 8" ones with an octagonal shaft, like I currently use.