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More on Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu, workshop and interviews

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  • More on Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu, workshop and interviews

    Interviews from Iwami soke at last translated in English:
    Musashis teachings philosophy first
    Musashis principles

    2011 Workshop
    Many of you have opened threads on Musashi or Niten Ichi Ryu or relations with Nito Kendo or other aspect of Musashi. I am organising a workshop with Iwami soke coming to France for 7 days teaching assisted by 3 members (some being menkyo kaiden or menkyo). This opportunity is what I have found best to meet Musashi: learn directly from the ryu teachers! Once one had to go through Gorin no sho and imagine what it could come up to and now as the ryu opens to all under conditions of thorough study it is the most simple, direct and "unmistakable" path to learn the seiho to go for keiko with soke.

    Dates: August, 6th to 12th 2011
    Location: France
    2011 Workshop http://hyohonitenichiryu.wordpress.c...i-ryu-seminar/

    If you have any questions you can email me for more informations.

    More informations
    See our link page to reach many languages website.
    If you wish to have updated information on dojo addresses, possibilities to study in Japan, in your country, or else, you can mail me or the dojos on the dojos list.

    Reaching a Niten dojo
    The dojos sudying under the authority of Iwami soke can be found in Japan, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, United Kingdom.
    Some students are also in Australia, Czech Republic, Hungaria, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America.

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    Imai soke interview

    Another interview: Imai soke in Paris (1998 ?)