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Hokushin Itto-ryu Hyoho - update

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  • Hokushin Itto-ryu Hyoho - update

    After the appointment of Otsuka Ryunosuke Masatomo as the 7th Soke of the Hokushin Itto-ryu Hyoho, the official website of the school has been completely overhauled. The site for the Chiba-Dojo Munich, which is now the Honbu-Dojo of our ryuha, can be accessed in either german, english or japanese here:
    The site for the school in Japan can be accessed here:

    But the website hasn't just received a visual makeover, some of the contents have been updated extensively as well.

    Quite a special feature can be found in the video section:
    There is now a video available which shows the Kojo Gokui Goten no Kata (高上極意五点形). They express the original Itto-ryu and should be maintained in all Itto-ryu lines as they form the core of the teachings of Ito Ittosai Kagehisa. Some of the techniques originate directly from Chujo-ryu as Kanemaki Jisai (ca. 1536 - 1615) passed them on to Ito Ittosai (ca. 1560 - 1653).