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Some fun or... why not to go into hasso...

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  • Some fun or... why not to go into hasso...

    Well I got a tape back from one of our practices... and I've been digitizing it like mad! There isn't a lot of great stuff on the tape but maybe the more video people watch the more you can learn. It's not like there is a lot of Naginata instruction going on out there.

    Anyways. This little clip comes from near the end of practice. Dustin, the kendoka featured here goes up against Deryck who I believe is yondan. This moment sticks out in my mind because it's just REALLY funny to watch Dustin make his decision and well... watch and find out.

    More stuff coming hopefully. It's also a test file so it might disappear until we can find a happy home for it and other clippings.

    the movie!

    have fun!

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    Repost I am curious ! Dustin.


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      Moi aussi, me too.