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Was wondering if there was anywhere local?

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  • Was wondering if there was anywhere local?

    hi i was wondering if there was anywhere local to buxton, debyshire uk
    that i could practice or even begin to learn the use of the naginata? i learned of this weapon only about a month ago and it has facinated me. i am an assistant teahcer in ju-jitsu and my instructor has told me if i can find a kata for naginata we could train in it, which i would enjoy very much, any replies would be helpful, thanks

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    best place to ask in England is there :

    good luck


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      Get in touch, you are not the first Jiu Jitsu org to request the naginata kata, for their own 'benefit'. I don't know what it is with you guys who mutli-task in their syllabuses, but happy to help out, if there's a chance of some real "converts" in the longer term.

      (or failing that, as that's a little temperamental)


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        Is Stoke too far for you to travel? If not, PM me. There is some naginata practice there.


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          Which nights would it be on in stoke? i have changing work hours unfortunately so getting down would be a little difficult.


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            I'm having the same trouble, lack of stuff around Manchester imho...


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              What about here in the US? Specifically, in Miami, Fl.


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                Er...that's like 9 flying hours away from England...?! in which case 4 hours driving to London is nearer


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                  LBA, I think David was being funny.


                  Your humour sempai


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                    Flying to the US is less stressful than driving around Londinium...


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                      Uhh...Actually, I was wondering if anyone knew of a naginata dojo here in the Miami area that I could check out...



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                        Quite David, you're American, our humour is not the same, ignore my other sempai's comments. Threads have a habit of going in all directions. "Londinium" you offensive oop north northern you are... the south is the centre of the universe !


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                          How can south be centre...? Go do more geometry, Rach...


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                            Originally posted by Synapse
                            I'm having the same trouble, lack of stuff around Manchester imho...
                            Nope .. Kendo clubs in Bramhall, and Bolton, both easily accessable via the M60 ring road. Im not sure about KNMS (Bramhall) but Kearsley has a study group (small) who "try" and are interested in naginata.

                            nowt official though, so not a lack just not a lot


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                              so not a lack just not a lot
                              Spoken like a true northerner

                              Go do more geometry, Rach
                              Pardonez moi - but where is the line of GMT ?!?!? centre of the world (perhaps not the universe then....)

                              Get yer act together and get a group started "oop there"...and/or visit us in the south, if you dare to stomach the smog, c-charge (oh its OK for Saturdays - yippee)

                              ...and Dr Watson this is a Nag thread, you ain't a sempai on this... *giggle* I can misbehave here

                              Ignore the ramblings of us in Blighty. To our fellow americans, do try and they might know wots in Miami (besides ...Vice)

                              ps. say Hi to Ling for me
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