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Dismountable naginata?

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  • Dismountable naginata?

    Hi folks,

    Does someone out there in the world use some form of dismountable wooden naginata (for kata)?

    If so, what method do you use for ensambling both halves in a safe manner?

    Im thinking of splitting my naginata but wanted to see if someone else has done it before, and what advice they might share.

    Domo arigato gozaimasu!

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    wow this sounds interesting! I don't believe I have ever heard of one though???


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      The golden part in the middle is a bronze -I presume- tube where the lower half of the naginata is inserted and pressed. Unfortunately for me, the owner (Shimizu Nobuko sensei) lives in Japan and I wont be seeing her again until November, so I wanted to know if someone had details on this or some other method


      PS: More pics at (lower rows and following page)


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        Originally posted by Julian D
        Unfortunately for me, the owner (Shimizu Nobuko sensei) lives in Japan and I wont be seeing her again until November
        Hi Julian,

        Does that mean you train in Ryoen Ryu? If so I'm curious to know more about it. First time I hear of that Ryu.

        That dismountable Naginata concept is interesting. I think we've all dreamt about something like that
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          Bonjour Hughes!

          Saying that I train in Ryoen Ryu would be unfair to the style. How my kendo and iaido dojo got to do naginata is a story on itself, Ill mega-summarize it: a comitive of iaijutsu sensei visited my country in 2003 for a cultural event, and ended up training at our dojo and creatig a relationship. We invited them again in 04 and 05 to train (all expenses covered), and they kindly came and did seminars.

          One of those iai sensei is Shimizu sensei, who also teaches naginatajustu. She trained Jikishinkage for decades (school teacher and naginata sensei at a girls school) and for political reasons that escape my knowledge after Toyo Akiko senseis death in 2004 she left the ryu and founded Ryoen.

          I dont know that much more than what can be found with the help of Google, unfortunately.

          My focus is in MJER and seitei iai, thats why I dont consider myself a naginata student (I only do naginata once or twice a month).



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            Thanks for your reply.

            Originally posted by Julian D
            in 2004 she left the ryu and founded Ryoen
            That explains the little amount of info if it's a newly made school.

            (btw along Naginata you seem to have some skills in french language too )