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Naginata video game

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  • Naginata video game

    just receive this email today;

    Dear Naginata friends,

    if you liked Street Fighters and got mad for Tekken.... "Ryusei Fighters" is the game fit for you!

    Try the Beta Version of the new naginata fighting game, free for download on the games page at or at for direct download.

    Please, give us a feedback. Hints and suggestions are encouraged and welcome!

    Best regards from the
    Ryusei Naginata Group

  • #2
    well done this is the best naginata game i have ever played

    ( i have never played any other naginata games)


    • #3
      They should add few kendokas in the game (chudan, jodan and nito players). It would be great.


      • #4
        yeah... super shiai.. can be very nice... not like ``kendo rage`` for super nintendo XD


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          Hmmm, no tsuki, it would seem.

          I'd like to see this concept given a proper, up-to-date treatment with 3d rendered characters and a more attention paid to representing a full repetoire of techniques. Isshu jiai would be a must, obviously, but why stop there? There could also be unlockable Juukendo, soujutsu, and kusarigama-jutsu exponents against whom you could play.

          I appreciate the work they put into this game, but it makes me hungry for something more substantial.


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            my compuitor wont let me play it.
            looks good though


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              Er, I think we've all been too polite to say it, but considering this thread is nigh on a decade old, maybe we should un-sticky it?