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France spring seminar (more infos)

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  • France spring seminar (more infos)

    Here are the first infos concerning the seminar :
    Concerning fees, accomodation, register form, that will be communicated later (I think in February).

    Seminar will be held from wednesday 30 april 2008 to sunday 04 may 2008.

    THE SENSEI who will come :
    Ms Keiko FUKUDA (Kyoshi), Ms Naomi HIROOKA (Renshi)

    Gymnase de la Plaine - 13 Ave Gnral Guillaumat 75015 PARIS.


    Wednesday : 13 h 30 : Welcoming
    seminar starts at 14 h, stops at 17 h.

    Thursday, friday and saturday : 9 h 00 : welcoming
    seminar starts at 9 h 30, stops at 12 heures
    Lunch break
    Then starts again at 14 h and stops at 17 h.

    On Saturday, writing examination will be held from 16 h to 17 h.

    Sunday : 8 h 30 : welcoming
    seminar starts at 9 h and stops at 11 h.

    The ENF exam (until 3 dan) will start at 11 h 30.

    On Thursday, friday and saturday, for lunch break, meal will be available on the spot.

    Have fun in Paris !

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    Change of halls/venues
    Thursday, Friday & Saturday

    Gymnase Lo Lagrange
    Avenue de l’Europe
    94350 Villiers-sur-Marne
    Bonjour - guys, this is now a LONG WAY out of Paris !!!

    Any help or advice is very much welcomed for those who are booked into central Parisian hotels...and who don't know Paris or its surroundings this far out... Cheers


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      ps. help gratefully recieved. Brits look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.


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        I just wanted to thank the French Organisers for a very good and enjoyable seminar, it was well worth the effort and I enjoyed meeting the Naginata-no-hito from France as well as having the opportunity to grade and Shiai with many adept students of Naginata.


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          And thanks to all who helped us with those big foamy things from the locker rooms!

          ...except the German ladies!!!

          Anyway, I think that Sylvie, and all those who helped making this seminar happen (and that was not always easy!!) will be glad to hear that it was enjoyed.

          See you soon