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    hello! long time without working in this very difficult proyect of starting a naginata dojo/club/effort here in Santiago de Chile, we are working again!!!!! any person interested in this proyect please contact us in any of this forms:

    twitter: @naginatachile
    facebook: Naginata Chile (group and page)
    private message here in KW.

    i will try to also write a little report for the next kw magazine so everyone in the KW network will know about this.

    thanks in advance,
    chief of Naginata Chile proyect.

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    new home page:


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      Welcome in Naginata World, hope to see you in Japan in 2011. Have talked about you in 2007 to the Brazilian Federation and they would like to meet you.


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        glad to see a post from anyone but me here

        oh thank you very much i will try to go to japan 2011 but really it's very hard to go there, beacuse is a huge amount of chilean money. but anyway, everyone who want to come to chile... :P

        it will be great (and maybe also a great help) if you can help me to reach the brazilian federation by remind them about the naginata effort in chile.



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          ...tomorrow, after something like 22 years of try and try, i will beging the naginata training in a simple neighbourhood park. hope to find a dojo/gym ASAP! From tomorrow everyone is welcome to visit chile and do so naginata.


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            Hey Niko,
            Good luck with the naginata in Chile !
            Is Miguel helping you, or are you on your own ?
            We have one Chilean here that might take up naginata for the second semester (Pablo), and Lernard also trained with us last year.
            So your community might grow faster than you expect after all.

            In any case, I hope that you'll find a dojo.



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              by now im by myself. miguel it's too busy with his family and other stuff. my girlfriend is helping me and she will practice too, the only woman in the group by now!. please train a lot with pablo and say to hin he will need to bring some equipment for himself to chile. i didn't have any contact with lernar yet, but i hope a can reach him so he can help us.

              thanks a lot baptiste,
              hope to see you soon.