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    It's approaching the time when I'll leave Japan and move back to the U.S. I was hoping to be able to bring my naginatas on the plane with me, but it looks like I won't be able to.[1] From what I've found online, it seems like the all-wood naginatas are too long for Japan Post or Kuroneko to take; FedEx will but it will cost almost 30,000 yen. Does anyone know of any cheaper options?


    [1] my employer is paying for my ticket home, but I have to get a certain class of ticket which doesn't give me many options are far as airlines & itineraries are concerned, and none of them will let me bring naginatas.

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    I am afraid you do not have the choice... Indeed Japan post and Kuroneko International do not ship items longer than 170cm (or was it 165 ?...).
    Your only options are UPS and Fedex, or other private international transporters...


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      Nippon Express and Yamato both offer international hikkoshi (moving) services. I would expect them to be able to move everything for much cheaper than sending individual packages through the post or a courier. The best deals however are for a minimum number of standard size boxes but I would be surprised if they can't handle long items.


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        Which airline are you flying? I brought a whole bag full back from Himeji last year on JAL.


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          Just flying domestically, it was such a hassle transporting katana on an airline I would choose to ship any weaponry to myself that I legally could, rather than attempt to have it checked with them.


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            Originally posted by futabachan View Post
            Which airline are you flying? I brought a whole bag full back from Himeji last year on JAL.
            i'm flying a combo of korean air and american airlines. unfortunately it's the only itinerary my employer improved. since they're not partner airlines, i'd have to pay the oversized baggage fee twice -- it'd be cheaper for me to buy new naginatas in the u.s.

            i haven't had any luck with freight/moving companies either. the cheapest quote i got was 70,000 yen.

            i do, however, have a friend who's flying back to the u.s. for a visit 1.5 weeks after i am. we're currently looking into whether he can take my naginatas and then ship them to me within the continental u.s.


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              We have lots of shipping company in the market which provide good shipping service. Nippon express is the best shipping company its Japanese shipping company and it have over 700 offices in japan and other 33 country. Its offer cheap price to shift your stuffs and it also provide good service for packing and unpacking stuffs or overnight shipping service. I also use this to shipping my goods.


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                a quote from an email from nippon express: "we can't arrange to export from Japan to U.S.A. if the cargo is personal cargo."