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  • Naginata in the UK

    We are trying to get Naginata up an running in the UK at the moment, I was just wondering if there was any other countries going through the same process.

    The problem we have is that most of the people who are interested are spread out all over the country - and are generally heavily involved in kendo, so the prospect of spending even more money / time etc to travel just to learn is causing some problems.

    The lack of people with experience is also a major problem. Naginata was introduced to us a couple of years ago by Sumi Sensei, who came to the UK with her husband who was teaching a Kendo Seminar, she gave a few enthusiatic beginners some instruction, and she has given us great support since then.

    We have our have our resident alien Alice, from New Zealand, who is I think 4th Kyu (sorry if I got it wrong Alice ) but primarily Geography is a problem (as she is in London, and I am not...and neither are several others also interested) so the opportunity to practice is severely limited, and generally takes place during evenings following kendo seminars.

    I am sure we can't be the only people going through this at the moment - I suppose I am looking for some moral support, and any pearls of wisdom from anyone who has been through this in the past.

    Also, If anyone is travelling to the UK and would like to practice (or knows anyone who will be doing so etc etc) please get in touch!



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    Hello Gill,
    How was the last seminar with Sumi sensei?


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      I'm very enthusiastic to talk to the people there....but why is my closest Naginata club in Holland?!
      It's not fair!!!!!


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        The seminar with Sumi Sensei was fantastic. Unfortunately I never had too many opportunities to join the Naginata training sessions, as I was on the Kendo Seminar - and sitting my Yondan Grading! We did however manage a Kendo vs Naginata practice, on one evening, which was amazing! (although I did come away with slightly bruised feet!)

        We also had a demonstration - the highlight of which was again Naginata vs Kendo - Mrs Sumi Sensei vs Mr Sumi Sensei!!!

        Following the grading on the last day, I was able to attend a Naginata session with Sumi Sensei, so I have made copious notes - my biggest problem is when I get flustered, I start holding the naginata like a shinai - and taking a kendo stance!!!

        Hopefully I will be able to come to one of the European seminars soon, but in the meantime, I will just have to keep practicing in the back garden!

        Mingshi - I suggest you have a chat to Alice Graham (Mumeishi Dojo, NZ girl - also on the seminar) she practices Naginata, so is proabaly the best person to talk to if you are interested.



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          Also talk to Rachel Hahn-Morris at Hizen.



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            dear mingshi
            these links may help you :