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If you want to beccome strong.

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  • If you want to beccome strong.

    You have to Uchikaeshi more than now.
    How many times are you doing Uchikaeshi by one practice ?
    And how many minutes ?

    You should do for at least doing for 30 minutes.
    The representation player is doing for 1 hour.
    For example, slowly and exact,or quickly by 1 breathing.
    And then from start migi-cyudan posture.
    Do not strike at closer distance,keep a issoku itto no ma-ai.
    Please attach importance to foundation more.

    Mochida sensei (Kendo ka)said........
    In the way of learning kendo, you have to train hard to learn the basic skills.
    Many people think that they have already understood the basic skills,
    but this is totally wrong.
    During a long period of Kendo training , people easily forget what the basic skills are.
    It took 50 years to learn basik skills.
    And then I started real Kendo training because I tried to do Kendo with my mind..............

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    I think ,almost all men consider only the moment of hitting.
    Cross sune,euchi sune,jamping men.
    The pleasure which device various technics is a good thing.

    "Strike straightly",there are few guys who has got such foundations.
    An exact stroke is prouduced from the right posture.
    As far as I know,a person with a beautiful posture...... K.Saxton,
    A.Benett,A.Ravoen,W.Suzuki,I.Itagaki and K.Tanaka.

    Someone said ,Tanaka is No1 in Japan now.
    I don't think so, He is still unpire.He depends on the physique and
    muscular power.It may be able to become really strong when he studies
    how to use his mind.


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      Lack of undertsanding....?

      Strength; Weak
      Mind; Weak, you must understand your body's and health to achieve what you seek. I bet most of all of you practitionairs know you are strong, perhaps too strong. If you think that, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha
      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, Hahahahahahahahaha. much like the Sasori?


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        try to relax your body helps you improve your speed too. What Kevin Saxton certainly have while practising is Zanshin. He's able to focus on his opponment and cach the opportunity. Suzuki has also this presence, he can manage the shiai enough to surprise you and not let you surprise him. Of course a good technique is the minimum required to do this.
        Don't try to be fast, you will stress your body doing it, try to catch the opportunity doing the mouvement the best as you can.