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    I am practising Naginata because I like Naginata.
    Whenever I can help someone else to learn more over Naginata I will help. When I come in a tournament of Naginata, I hope I can learn something more over my weakness and myself through Naginata.
    Arrogance exist in martial art, and it's probably a step that everybody need to experience, to understand that it is not the way to follow to learn more. Winning is more difficult than loosing, because when you loose you know that you need to improve, and by winning you better not forget it! As well as teaching is more difficult than being student, because when you teach you have to keep listening to your student because they can teach you as much as you can teach them and you need this to evolve.
    My objectif is to keep learning as long as I can, and try to understand everybody point of vue in order to help others to experience the pleasure of practising Naginata.

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    I couldn't agree more. You learn more from losing cause you are more tuned in to your mistakes. When you win, you usually just concentrate on the fact that you won. I believe that teaching is the ultimate form of knowledge since you have to be pretty knowledgable in the subject of your teaching in order to teach and listen to your students


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      Originally posted by Anime12478
      You learn more from losing cause you are more tuned in to your mistakes.
      Then I should be pretty well learned by know. Thank you everybody for beating me up at every Naginata-tornament!


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        Gomen Kudasai, Sempai.

        I am going to have to respectfully disagree on this one; or possibly ask for clarification.

        If you mean communication as the exchange of information, logistical especially, than I would have to agree with you.

        e.g. Assuming no one is lying, what could possibly be wrong with:
        Ant: Do we have practice tonight at 7pm?
        Bee: No, it is at 8 pm tonight.

        But if you mean communication as in "If I ask enough people, I'll eventually find the answer to 'How do I do better naginata?'." Then no, I can not completely agree with you.

        We are doing budo. Eventually each and every one of us, assuming we do not give up on our practice prior to then, is going to reach the stuck point of "The tao that can be named is not the true tao." And while we are in that stuck point, we are going to struggle. And we are going to struggle alone, simply because it is our struggle and no one else's.

        It is possible you mean communication in a holistic sense, rather than strictly written or verbal.

        When I flunked out on my last shinsa, I asked the sensei for their advice.
        Me: Was there something wrong (with my kendo)?'
        Them: Well, no. Nothing wrong. Just not together yet. Keep practicing.

        And I have struggled with that for months. What does "not together" mean?

        Then a few months ago, did a twice-in-a-lifetime men. I mean that literally, I managed to do it twice; and, have not been able to do it since. But in that moment, I knew exactly what sensei meant by Not Together Yet. And, I understood exactly, why there was nothing else he could say to make it any easier for me to find. All he could do was point to the moon, and hope that I would eventually take my eyes off his finger and see the moon for myself.

        So in that sense, did he communicate with me? I guess so, he communicated encouragement and patience even if there were no words for my real question 'How do I do better kendo?' And given the trust built up between us over all these years, I was willing to set aside my first instinct of 'Not together?!? That is no answer. I want details!!!!'

        So if you (or anyone else on the forum) are struggling in a stuck point right about now, please allow me to say to you, what was said to me... "Practice. Keep struggling."

        But if you are not at a stuck point, and you are just wondering if practice is at 8pm? No, it's at 7 ....

        Possibly neither of these extremes were what you had in mind though ...