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Gohonme Question (concerning oji side)

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  • Gohonme Question (concerning oji side)

    After you do the tsuki and pull back the naginata, what is the position of your hands/feet (before going back into chudan)? Waki-gamae?

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    I would say waki gamae is not a bad idea of the position but I think it's a little lower than a waki gamae position. And you should reach this on the first foot movement so the kuri komi kuri dachi in one step and than step back. But I'm sure there are a lot of more experienced people who can help you on this...


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      So after the tsuki, the transition is into waki-gamae? I know initially the positioning is a little lower when you step back, but then you go into a fully upright posture. I just need a confirmation on what this posture/kamae is so I can work on my hand placement. Been working on the e-harai and tsuki so much that everything afterwards is a little jumbled up. Any further insight is appreciated.

      Normally I would ask sensei or my sempai, but I've missed the last two practices.


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        Sempai Speaks

        After tsuki... drop into waki gamae with your first step back remembering to keep zanshin... the rest I'll just show you...