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Engi stage and competition - march 2005 - France

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  • Engi stage and competition - march 2005 - France

    We will hold our annual "Coupe Technique" (engi competition) the 19 & 20 of march, 2005. The location is Rozay-en-Brie (77) 30km from Paris.

    here is the schedule:

    Saturday March 19th : from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm - Engi practice stage.

    Sunday March 20th : beginning at 9:00am - "coupe technique" (engi competition).

    This event is open to foreigners.

    Competition Program :
     1st level for 4th and 5th kyu: IPPON ME - NIHON ME
     2nd level for 4th, 3rd and 2nd kyu: IPPON ME - SANBON ME
     3rd level for 2nd, 1st kyu and yudansha: NIHON ME - GOHON ME - NANAHON ME.

     1st level "draw"* (5th to 2nd kyu): NIHON ME - SANBON ME
     2nd level "draw"* (1st kyu to yudansha): waza will be lot drawn on competition day
    *shikake-ooji couple are randomly assorted on competition day

    Inscriptions on proper forms must be send to the CNK - Commission Naginata before February the 25th, 2005.

    You can e-mail me for forms and arrangments informations