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  • Naginata Association In The UK

    Hello There

    Im just intrested do any of you know a association that teaches the Martial Art of Naginata, as i already do Iaido and starting Kendo in Liverpool this week *Nervous* but there is no where on Merseyside or even close that trains with this forgotten form of combat.

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    The following site might be very helpful to finding likewise minded people in great britain;


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      Sorry, but from your profile you are Taekwondo Red Belt, Judo Green Belt, Ju Jitsu and Iaido and Kendo just started. Now you are going to started naginata too? I don't recommend doing that start many arts at the same time. There are old Japanese saying "If you run after two hares, you will catch neither" or Thai saying "Don't catch a fish in both hand."


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        I'm from Manchester England and am staying in Japan at the moment. I wanted to find naginata here just to see what it is like but even here it is low down the list of martial arts. It seems more Japanese like to do Kyudo than any thing else.

        Naginata seems to be performed only at dojyos which want to cover all traditional martial arts and only once a week .


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          Yeh i am just trying out Kendo to see what the comparison is between Iaido and Kendo, i am really suprised there is no where on the Wirral that teaches Kendo though, next yr i am getting my black belt in taekwondo and judo around april time i think, i am quitting both of these after that, simply becuase i want to study traditional japanese martial arts e.g. Iaido, Kendo, Ju Jitsu and maybe Naginata but considering there is not an official Naginata dojo well i think persueing three is enough.

          Is it true you need to take written exams for Kendo?

          What are the grading systems for Iaido and Kendo like?


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            'Is it true you need to take written exams for Kendo?'

            Yes, there are essay questions for shodan upwards.

            PS As far as I know there is no specialised naginata dojo in Britain but a few people in the BKA do practise this art.


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              Musashi898 i was just wondering where about do you have your iaido sessions? Im from Huyton, Liverpool and was wondering whether it was around that area as im very interested in taking up Iaido.

              Information Appreciated!