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Bending Men-dare for naginata

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  • Bending Men-dare for naginata


    I'm new here, but been looking around for a while.
    I just got my first bogu, and I've been trying to find some advice on bending the flaps up on my men. I have had some success in the last few days in rolling them up and then using the himo to hold it all in place while not being used. They still seem a little floppy and rub my shoulders when I turn, and I wonder how long they will hold shape or make them stiffer. I'm wondering if there are any other tricks, like steam or starch to get them to stay. The men-dare I have aren't that long.


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    What you've described, though doing a loose fold rather than a roll, and then holding it in place with the himo is exactly what you should be doing. You just have to be patient. When I first got bogu my sempai tied everything up properly and told me not to touch it for a week (or perhaps longer, I don't remember)! So don't expect to be able to use it right away. They also tied my doh up tightly as well.


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      What you describe is very common; we have it in kendo as well.

      Like Tygerwillow I suggest just tying the dare to the side of your men. You don't have to roll them up as that needlessly weakens them. Aside from that, it'll simply take time Keep on wearing the men and after practice tie the men-dare back up.


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        Unfortunately, the sape of your men-dare depends as much on the folding method as on the material. Stiff 1.2 bu hand stitched will hold every imprinted shape (providing you are stronger than the fabric ;P ) but for loose machine stitched ones, the stuff gets softer.
        What gives a good result is not to fold or roll up (to the side of the men), but to fold diagonnaly forward. That is, in storage position, you force the men dare to overlap on the lower part of the mengane. It will work easily with a oblique stitched one, but works fine on a regular men too.