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    Hi guys.

    Recently got myself a naginata and I've noticed that you buy replacement blades for them should yours break or crack. It may seem like a dumb question but how do you replace the blade? I know it seems immediately obvious but I want to make sure I do it right when I eventually need to.


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    Assuming you mean a shiai style naginata with the white electrical tape holding it together:

    Mark where the sendanmaki (tape bit) comes down to on the ebu (holdy bit) and where it goes up to on the habu (pointy bit).
    Remove the tape.
    Mark where the base of the habu was on the ebu.
    Get two strips of electrical tape about 10 cm long, stick them to the wall so you can grab them easy.
    Hold the habu in the place it was before on the ebu
    Wrap one of the pieces around the top of the ebu/habu bit where you marked before reasonably tightly, just in a circle, not a helix.
    Wrap the other around the bottom.
    Ideally these two bits will hold it together enough you can check it attached nice and straight (just hold it out in front of you and sight down the length of it)
    With the roll of electrical tape start at the bottom of the sendanmaki and apply it up in a helix.
    I do this by holding the tape in my right hand and rotating the naginata with my left.
    I like to make each turn go up half the width of the tape, you can see the previous turn and use it as a guide.
    At each half spin of the naginata I stretch the tape so it is nice and firm.
    When you get to the top do a single circle then start doing the same thing but going down the sendanmaki.

    I find two passes (one up, one down) with a half width increase in the helix to be plenty strong enough so long as I do the tape stretching.

    The measurements for the sendamaki are kind of exacting and many shop bought ones are incorrect so the above will result in a naginata that will probably fail measurements for competition (and give you bad habits in training) so you probably want to grab a reference for all the measurements. From memory Alex' book has the measurements.


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      Thankyou very much, this was exactly what I wanted to know. Very comprehensive, cheers!