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Naginata World Champs 2015 in Montreal

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  • Naginata World Champs 2015 in Montreal

    It has been a few months since the World Naginata Champs in Montreal and I am assuming that there are people who post to kendo-world also attended it but looking at the lack of chat in the forums any one could easily assume it never happened at all ;-)

    I just wanted to say I had a blast. Even though a team mate had described what it would be like it proved that words were no substitute for the actual experience. It was so cool being in the same space with so many people who also do naginata. I really liked seeing everyone in action during the champs and the friendship tournament. I had never seen a e-bu get broken before and the sight of a naginata going flying is something I'll remember for a while. It was a bit hot and humid for my liking but those are things beyond anyone's control.

    I really appreciated everything I learned during the seminar even though I was getting rather tired by the end of it; I was over the moon to have passed my grading for shodan. Eating poutine in the moonlight with the Canadian team will be a lasting memory too. :-)

    I am really looking forward to the next champs in Germany.

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    Thank you for coming to Montreal, we sincerely hope you enjoyed your stay. We enjoyed watching the competition and trying kendo versus naginata (even the awkward "turn-around to re-tie your equipment thing")

    Also, I hate sune. F**k sune.


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      Without sune, isshu-jiai wouldn't be nearly so much fun!


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        Originally posted by Neil Gendzwill View Post
        Without sune, isshu-jiai wouldn't be nearly so much fun!
        I stand by my anti-sune bigotry.

        F**k sune.