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The Lost Tendo Ryu kata

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  • The Lost Tendo Ryu kata

    Hi all! This subject is a bit sensitive so please forgive me if I am stepping on someone's toes. I heard an interesting story from a high ranking Tendo Ryu sensei last year about the tendo ryu kata. As most know the list of them is very long with different weapons. I was told that the last person who know all was the 14th soke Mitamura Akinori, but it is possible that he transmitted all to the 15th soke Mitamura Chiyo. The 16th soke Mitamura Takeko insisted that only the one who were transmitted to her (that were still over 100) should be in the curriculum. The lost kata were some naginatajutsu, all tachi vs tachi, some jojutsu and probably some more. However, these are still trained in certain dojos and it would be interesting to hear any information about how and who transmitted them. The late Abe sensei who were a student of Mitamura Akinori knew a considerable amount of kata (that might have surpassed Mitamura Takeko) but it is not really known if those were all transmitted to her. According to my source she did make some creations of her own with old kata names and it is also possible that she recreated some out of old manuscripts. Does someone know more about this?