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  • Alex's Definitive Guide, C&C ?


    I thought it might be interesting to share opinions about the holy bible. In case a second edition would be planned, perhaps augmentation would be made .

    First I have to say that the book is the long awaited companion we lacked. Now every very technical and precise question has its answer (how we say this, what the name of that, etc...)

    Apart from little impression mistakes (stange photos arrangment in nanahon-me section), the big missing thing is in my opinion is a Reigi section: how to behave, move in a dojo; salute terms and organisation ("seiretsu", "mokuso"...); dojo structure (kamiza, etc...); who sits how far from the door, what do we call when there is multiple senseis, etc...

    The second thing is: pictures for kata

    Otherwise, the book is a real reference. I have always mine in dojo, in case a peculiar question rise in the course. Thanks again to Alex for the job.

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    Inoue sensei's kendo kata book has a bit about the dojo setup, but there are so many variations that it is impossible to say 'this is the right way'.

    We found when putting the book together that there was a lot more we could have put in, but a lot of the stuff you mention above is generic to Japanese budo, so its not really relevant to a work just on the practice of naginata. That'll have to wait for another book!!

    We expanded the content a great deal from our original plan, so its good to hear that you are using it to its fullest.

    As for kata, that's something for a separate book again, or a serialisation in Kendo World.

    Thankyou for your comments, and your support.



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      Cheers for the comments!

      Yeah, I don't know how 1 page of the photos for nanahonme ended up in the reverse order!!! That will be fixed when we reprint.

      There is a lot of information about required attitude and the importance of reigi, but there is no set way for what you are referring to.

      As for Kata photos, we are putting together a separate Kata book at the moment with Kimura Yasuko sensei. We will let you know when it is completed.



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        Originally posted by Alex
        As for Kata photos, we are putting together a separate Kata book at the moment with Kimura Yasuko sensei. We will let you know when it is completed.
        Another piece we'll wait impatiently!

        Thanks for enlightments


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          hmm, I'd like to comment, but seeing as the book still hasn't arrived.... Even after I've email KW a thousand times, they never reply. So who am I supposed to go to? It's been more than 4 months and I'm starting to get really annoyed. This is disappointing. If I don't get a reply soon, maybe I should just ask for a refund? Seeing as they took the money so long ago and the book STILL hasn't arrived.


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            Who are you? Believe me, if we had received mails from you, they would be replied to immediately. If you haven't received a mail from us, then we haven't received one from you. Where are you sending them?



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              Originally posted by Alex
              Believe me, if we had received mails from you, they would be replied to immediately.
              I've had the same problem, but since no charge has ever been made to my debit card, I havn't been too concerned.


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                That can only mean one thing. We did not recieve your order...I wonder if you made it when our server was being changed over. A lot of stuff seemingly didn't get through then.


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                  didn't had any problem with my order

                  Well just to give you a hope, I have received mine pretty fast, and always get an answer to the mail I've send... so posting on this forum might be a good idea if you don't get a reply to emails...


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                    Originally posted by Alex
                    That can only mean one thing. We did not recieve your order.
                    Except I received the automatic "Thank you for your order . . . " e-mail.


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                      It hasn't registered with our order database. We're looking into it now. About when did you make the order?


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                        Hi to everyone here,
                        Please be patient with Alex and Hamish. They both have busy schedules outside of running Kendo World, and like any new company, there can be problems with their affiliates (i.e. the shipping company, or company processing their orders), but they will ensure that you get what you have ordered. And the material is well worth the wait.

                        I have no connection to either of them, but when I had an order problem they went out of their way to fix it and have won my loyalty as a customer.


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                          I just want to say that I love your book, mr. Bennett! So much information . I can't train Naginata myself since there is no clubs here in Norway, which is a pitty in my opinion.

                          Also I want to say that my boyfriend ordered two copies of the book for over 2 months ago, and since they didn't arrive, he ordered another one, the one I got now - but I don't think he has got his money back yet.

                          Anyways, great work!


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                            Definitive Guide

                            Hello all! This is my first visit to this site - and this thread in particular inspired me to post a message here (I was surprised to find the author of the book I've found very useful on this site!).

                            Although Australian, I'm currently living in Nagano pref. in Japan, and have been learning naginata here for about a year now. I really love it! I've only known naginata from the point of view of practicing it within Nagano, so it's been interesting for me to see the posts here from people who practice it around the world.

                            A friend informed me that the book had just been published, and was good enough to do order it online for me, so I've had it for about half a year now. I learn naginata all in Japanese, so your book, Alex, has been really good in helping me understand many things about naginata I mightn't have otherwise picked up. The Form and Theory chapter is especially interesting to me. It brings up a lot of complicated and important points (such as about the mentality of engagement) that can't really be learned through observation or understood with my level of Japanese.

                            I'm glad the book was made! I hope that naginata's popularity can increase.


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                              Welcome Nausicaa,

                              Maybe if you train a lot we'll see you in Brussels the 1st of September 2007 for the INF world championship, as long as unfortunately Australian team needs members...

                              Where are you from, Sydney, Perth, Camberra...?