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  • G-CHAN
    replied to Move Without the Shinai Pt 3&4
    Next stand in kamae, keep your hands open and relaxed and lay your right wrist on top of your left wrist, take a minute and breathe into it. Remember to keep your chin slightly tucked, very slightly stick out your chest to keep the shoulders back and relaxed and down. Stay relaxed; roll your hips forwards...
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  • G-CHAN
    started a topic Move Without the Shinai Pt 3&4

    Move Without the Shinai Pt 3&4

    Hello Markus and Gin, I hope you’re both doing well, please let me know how you’re doing with this.

    Suburi and kiri-kaeshi:

    My body movement (tai sabaki) for suburi and kirikaeshi are basically the same; the only difference is how I use my hands/wrists. To me, kirikaeshi...
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