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Michael Hodge
Michael Hodge
Too busy lookin' good.
Last Activity: 22nd November 2014, 03:46 AM
Joined: 14th March 2009
Location: Toronto, Canada
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  • Michael Hodge
    replied to Purpose of kiai
    I reckon the kiai makes it easier to force one's core muscles to tighten, ensuring the strike is done with the hips. I mean, we already do this to some degree in our arts when we strike with a simple exhalation. Aside from that, a well-timed kiai would also be a great way to unsettle the opponent, causing...
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  • Michael Hodge
    replied to The Inner Game of Kendo...
    Similarly, I've read and applied the techniques outlined in With Winning in Mind, by Lanny Basham, an ex-olympian gold medallist in rifle shooting.

    Reading Ryuto's description of Inner Game, I find it interesting that in that book it's the subconscious that accounts for a player's doubt....
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  • Michael Hodge
    replied to Grading Stress, am I just weak?
    Obviously some stress is healthy, and there are techniques for combatting it. If you're too focused on the results of your shinsa you'll be more nervous than usual. Focus on the process of your shinsa instead. Of course it helps to train often enough so as to free up your conscious thought processes...
    With Winning in Mind 3rd. Ed. [Lanny Bassham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Be wary of the people no one wants on their team, the ones who are too small, too slow and not very capable. The unwanted have a built-in motivation to do whatever it takes to succeed that those who are picked first do not have. This is a story of such a person and what he did to find his place at the top of the world in his sport. I'm that person and this book is an introduction to what I've learned. I believe there is a mental system that when used will speed up the process of getting to the winner's circle. I am well aware that there are many fine self-improvement books available. Psychologists
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