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"Working on my Conan-Waza!"
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  • Sakabato
    started a blog post Bad Dreams

    Bad Dreams

    So, had an awkward dream last night. Understandably so after what happened the other night.

    Basically I was in my car and pulled into the drive way of a large store, something like a walmart, and parked. I exited the driver side and went around to the rear door on the passenger side. I...
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  • Sakabato
    started a blog post Close Call Last Night

    Close Call Last Night

    My family and I were looking for a parking spot last night in a new neighborhood we were visiting. We found a spot in a slightly down hilled road and I went ahead and parked. The rest of the streets were pretty crowded and that spot was just as crowded except for a small section which was the one I...
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  • Sakabato
    started a blog post Some Thoughts

    Some Thoughts

    It is nice to be able to read back some of my previous blogs and notice the growth that has gone on. Also the past memoriies are nice to recall. It is a little late and I feel sleepy, but I wanted to write some. For starts i am going to start bringing my Tare to my German Longsword class. Reason being...
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  • Sakabato
    started a blog post All American Kendoka

    All American Kendoka

    About a week ago I was looking through the requirements and the training camps for the Kendoka that can represent the USA. This sort of thing is no joke! The camp, as I recall at least, was Saturday and Sunday. The first day it was from 7am to 5pm and the second day from 7am to 12pm. That is on top...
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  • Sakabato
    started a blog post Short Update

    Short Update

    It has been a while. A lot of things have happened. Yes I am still training! The librarian is yelling in the mic for people to GTFO basically in less than 10 minutes. Anyway, training continues and I managed to join the fencing class at my college. I have been to 4 classes, but I do plan to make it...
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