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"Working on my Conan-Waza!"
Last Activity: 23rd February 2015, 11:18 AM
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  • Sakabato
    started a blog post Coming and Going

    Coming and Going

    Wow, I cannot believe my last entry was the one about my bad dreams from the close encounter I had a while back. I kept thinking I made other entries beside that one. Also, someone posted a reply to one my entries, wows! Never thought that would happen. Then I replied and, wows, now there are two replies...
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  • Sakabato
    replied to "Steven Segal Lessons" .. ?!
    Haha, that is great. I did not think of it like that. What you said must be the ice breaker for when the person comes over to inquire about the lessons ....
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  • Sakabato
    commented on Close Call Last Night
    Thank you! I intake your wisdom fully. I appreciate your kindness toward my experience . I love boxing! I think it is great. Muay Thai also. I think a mixure of the 2 will make a great balance. Thank you for your input God Bless you!
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  • Sakabato
    started a topic "Steven Segal Lessons" .. ?!

    "Steven Segal Lessons" .. ?!

    Start Quote:

    " Steven Segal Lessons: (Your location)

    Steven Segal lessons:

    Don't be a victim any more.

    Learn how to protect yourself, not the aggressor.

    Learn special personal defense tactics, to protect yourself...
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  • "Kendo instructor of any rank, style, affiliation, or no affiliation (independent)"

    I was browsing Craigslist and I stumbled on this ad:

    "Castle Rock AIKIDO, an established martial arts school in Castle Rock, Colorado seeks to add a Kendo program to its offerings as soon as possible in 2015. School is seeking an adult Kendo instructor of any rank, style, affiliation,...
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