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  • Sakabato
    started a blog post More Problems

    More Problems

    My vehicle is having some transmission problems. Man, that type of work is not cheap. I cannot travel as much now which means I will be missing some classes. I was saving for a new vehicle too. Not sure what to do here. I guess just run it a little bit just for the essentials then sell it and get the...
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  • Sakabato
    started a blog post Annother step

    Annother step

    I have noticed an increase in movement during my Iaido and German Longsword class. I guess the suburi I have been doing on the side has been helping. Between 100 suburi and 50 Jump rope until hitting 500 - 1,000 (Depending on my work load on that day) it has been helping me stay in shape. I really feel...
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  • Sakabato
    started a blog post Future Art I would like to take

    Future Art I would like to take

    Even though I am making great progress with my training I seem to be failing horribly at weight lifting. I did say before that for whatever reason weight lifting never did interest me. I feel bad about it. I see it as a must as I understand that as I start to age my muscle mass will wither. Yet, I cannot...
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