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  • 59th All Japan Kendo Championships - 3rd November, 2011

    The 59th All Japan Kendo Championships
    by Michael Ishimatsu-Prime


    It's a glorious day in Central Tokyo. We're here at the Nippon Budokan, ready for the start of the 59th AJKC. The Nihon Kendo Kata by Shimano Hanshi and Matsui Hanshi has just finished and the competition is about to begin.
    Live Updates
    Both the first matches headed long into overtime. On Court 1, Iwashita (Chiba) eventually defeated Nakamura (Ishikawa) with a de-gote.

    On Court 2 jodan specialist Nakama (Okinawa) is still fighting Izumi (Aomori) who had a great call for tsuki earlier but not given. Neither has made any other strikes so far that have been even close.

    On Court 1 it's now Utsunomiya (Oita) against Kinoshita (Kagawa).

    Izumi takes Nakama's kote to progress.

    Now on Court 2 is one that I've been looking forward to - Oishi (Osaka), the young policeman who impressed on his debut a couple of years ago, against the instructor from Hosei Uni. It's already been a great match, full of speed and agression.

    Oishi strikes men but to no avail. Now into encho. I'm gunning for Tanaka, a graduate of the high school I work at.

    Court 1 seems a much more cagegy affair, lots of time in issoku-itto-no-maai. Good pressure from the taller Kinoshita.

    Tanaka is out to a great men strike from Oishi. Now up is Mizobe (Nagano) and Oike (Okayama).

    Oike scores the first point so far in regualtion time, a kote. Mizobe comes back with a good men strike, then do, but none given. Oike then takes another kote to finish the match inside regualtion time.

    Now up on Court 2 is Uchida (Shizuoka) and Ishii (Chiba).

    Back on Court 1, the tense affair between Kinoshita and Utsunomiya is still going on. A tsuki and kote from Kinoshita but the flags stay down.

    Another tsuki from Kinoshita fand a men in response from Utsunomiya but nothing given. This must have been going on for over 30 minutes now.

    On Court 2 Ishii goes for gyaku-do, not given, and now it's into encho.

    A men from Uchida but Ishii's kensen is in his throat.

    Uchida triumphs with a men. Now up is Ishizaki (Nara) and Kawakami (Ibaragi).

    On Court 1 Kinoshita eventually scores a men to send Utsunomiya home. Now up is Enmyo (Hiroshima) and Kanazawa (Miyagi).

    Court 2, Ishizaki (Nara) and Kawakami (Ibaragi), is shaping up to be a great match. Ishizaki takes men and then right before the end of regualtion time so too does Kawakami to send the match into encho.

    Enmyo takes men against Kanazawa in encho to progress. Taking their place on Court 1 is Akao (Gunma) and Furukawa (Osaka).

    On Court 2, Inoue (Toyama) takes a kote in encho from Kondo (Tokushima) to progress. Now up is the doctor from Tottori, Norimoto, who trains at Tsukuba Uni against Harada (Fukushima). Harada almost takes a men right from the start but it's not given.

    Furukawa (Osaka) scores a men in encho to progress at the expense of Akao (Gunma).

    Back on Court 2, Norimoto has just been given a hansoku. Harada has had the better chances so far but Norimoto just had a good men chance. Now into encho.

    On Court 1 Matsuwaki (Tokyo) is up against Nakano (Kyoto), both policemen and R6-dan. Now into encho.

    On Court 2, it's still Harada who is being the more agressive against his taller opponent. Lots of attempts at kote but just a good ai-men.

    Gasps around the Budokan as Norimoto, after making a good men strike, nearly steps out when passing his opponent. That would have been his second hansoku meaning he would be out. He's starting to come into the fight a bit more now.

    Another Titanic fight has finished on Court 1 with Nakano taking Matsuwaki's men to progress. Now up is Shimogawa (Fukuoka) and Shimada (Saitama).

    Norimoto scores a men to send teh younger of the Harada brothers out. Up now is the vastly experienced Furusawa (Kumamoto) and Higashinaga (Saitama), both policemen and both R6-dan. A good men from Furusawa which Higashinaga counters with a gyaku-do. Neither given.

    Higashinaga scores with a men, then Furukawa has a good hiki-men but not given. He goes for a tsuki and then men but to no avail. The buzzer sounds and Higashinaga progresses.

    Here comes Uchimura (Tokyo), two time champion, and Watanabe (Yamagata). Uchimura has the first real strike with any venom, a men, but not given.

    Now into encho. Uchimura goes for a trademark kote but misses.

    He goes for a big men but doesn't connect. Then Watanabe a do, but not given.

    A lighting fast ai-gote but neither given. A gyaku-do from Uchimura and men from Watanabe but still both continue.

    On Court 1, Shimogawa is still battling it out with Shimada.

    Uchimura is ramping up the pressure on Court 2. A men and kote that gets cheers from the watching Tokyo policemen. The shimpan don't agree. However, they do when Watanabe goes for men and Uchimura executes a kaeshi-do. Uchimura goes through.

    Next up on Court 2 is Tsuda (Aichi) and Ura (Hyogo).

    Tsuda vs. Ura is a feisty affair. Ura has just taken men to progress. On court 1, Shimada wins deep deep deep in encho with a men. It was a little short of 37 minutes. Now up is Kimura (Mie) and Tsuchida (Akita).

    On Court 2 now - Kotani (Chiba) and Onoda (Nagasaki).

    Kimura has been awarded a honsoku on Court 1, didn't see what for. Now into encho, as is Kotani and Onoda on Court 2.

    Kotani scores with a hiki-men to knock out Onoda and progress. Now is Onda (Shimane) and Murata (Wakayama) on Court 2.

    Murata goes for Onda's men but not quite enough distance. Onda comes back and scores a kote.

    The buzzer signals the end of the match on Court 2. Onda's one kote is enough to send him through.

    Big applause signals Shodai (Kanagawa) versus Nishiyama (Koichi). It7s all go from the off as both have good attempts at men, Shodai first and then Nishiyama.

    A good shout for kote from Shodai but to no avail. Then a gyaku-do followed by a men by Nishiyama.

    Nishiyama tries a cheeky hiki-gote as Shodai is taking kamae but not given. Now into encho.

    Shodai is having several attempts at men but he can't get past Nishiyama's shinai. Another good attempt excites the crowd but not the shimpan. This time the shimpan raise their flags after another Shodai men. He goes through.

    Now on Court 2, Ogura (Fukuoka) and Hojo (Tochigi), a university student.

    On Court 1, Tsuchida takes a men from Kimura deep into encho. Next on this court is Suzuki (Fukui) and Shikano (Yamanashi).

    Back on Court 2, Ogura takes men. Still time left for Hojo to get one, or two even, back.

    Time is up on Court 2 - Ogura goes through with the one point.

    Now up on Court 2 - Masuda (Shiga), the company worker, and Ushirogi (Hokkaido) the policeman.

    Masuda is considerably taller than Ushirogi, and is using his size to his advantage. A few good attempts at men and kote. Having said that, Ushirogi comes back with a good men strike. Not given.

    On Court 1, Suzuki vs. Shikano is now into encho.

    Court 2 - Masuda has a big shot at men quickly followed by Ushirogi trying a kote. This is a good match. Another blast at kote from Masuda but not good enough. Then a tsuki and kote.

    Back on Court 1, Suzuki goes through with a do against Shikano.

    Now its the popular and experienced Yoneya (Saitama) and Iwasaki (Iwate), the high school teacher.

    Masuda scores a men on Court 2 against Ushirogi to go through. Now it's Oshige (Miyasaki) vs. Nakagawa (Gifu).

    Court 1 with Yoneya and Iwasaki has gone into encho. A nice ai-men but still the match goes on.

    An attempt at tsuki from Yoneya but nothing given.

    Oshige and Nakagawa is now into encho. Nakagawa goes for a big men right after the restart but nothing given. Nakagawa goes for a big men but Oshige takes a great kaeshi-do.

    That's the end of the first round on Court 2. Because Court 1 is so far behind, some of the matches have been switched to Court 2 to speed things up.

    Now on Court 2 we have Kamamura (Ehime), a jodan kenshi, against Ishibashi (Niigata).

    Back on Court 1, Yoneya takes kote to progress to the 2nd round. Next up is Ushima (Hokkaido), a company worker, vs. Shiratori (Shizuoka).

    Kamamura vs. Ishibashi is now into encho. A good shot at kote by Ishibashi while Kamamura is in jodan.

    Shiratori takes kote from Ushima. Not much time left on this one.

    Ishibashi gets bundled out by Kamamura and gets a hansoku for his troubles.

    Shiratori's solitary kote was enough to send him through to the next round. Now on is Koe (Yamaguchi) and Nishimura (Saga), a university student and previous winner of the high school competition.

    Deep into encho, Ishibashi scores a textbook tsuki to knock out Kamamura.

    Now up is Shimizu (Aichi) and Tominaga (Kagoshima), both police officers.

    Nishimura takes men to progress at the expense of Koe.

    Now comes the reigning champion, Takanabe (Kanagawa) against Amishiro (Hyogo).

    It's now 2pm and the first round has not yet finished!! There have been some very long matches so far this year - by far the longest that I can remember.

    Shimizu vs. Tominaga goes into encho and soon after the restart, Shimizu scores a hiki-gote.

    Takanabe vs. Amishiro is also in encho now.

    Okido (Osaka) against Kawasaki (Ibaragi), a high school teacher, takes the place of Shimizu vs. Tominaga.

    Takanabe goes through with a men.

    Now on Court 1, Murakata (Fukuoka) and Yamamoto (Tokyo), a company worker. As soon as the shimpan yells 'Hajime', Yamamoto strikes with a monster men to go one point up. He holds on to the end to go through. An absorbing match.

    Now the second round begins on Court 1 with Iwashita vs. Kinoshita.

    Okido and Kawasaki is great match. The taller Okido strikes Kawasaki's kote from chudan to go through in encho.

    Now the second round begins on Court 2 with Izumi and Oishi. Oishi goes for a big men but it doesn't connect. Oishi is the more agressive so far but can't find a way past Izumi's kamae.

    Iwashita defeats Kinoshita with a men in encho to go through to thethird round.

    Now up is Enmyo vs. Furukawa.

    Back on Court 2, Oishi lures in Izumi and then strikes men to go through.

    Now it's Oike and Uchida on Court 2.

    Furukawa and Enmyo is now into encho. Not long after the restart, Enmyo launches a tsuki attack that knocks Furukawa back. Enmyo goes through.

    Now we have Nakano vs. Shimada on Court 1.

    Uchida then takes a kote from Oike to go through. They are replaced by Inoue and Kawakami, which is now in encho.

    The bigger Kawakami defeats Inoue with a hiki-men.

    Back up on Court 2 is the doctor Norimoto and Higashinaga. So far Higashinaga's kamae is holding strong. They end in tsubazeriai where Higashinaga tries a big hiki-men.

    Then on court 1, Nakano scores in encho with a kote to book his place in the third round at the expense of Shimada. Next up on that court is Tsuchida vs. Suzuki.

    The Higashinaga and Norimoto match has quietened down. Norimoto is far too defensive and his given a hansoku. Now that match is in encho.

    On Court 1 Tsuchida takes a kote about 30 seconds before time. Then comes on Yoneya and Ishibashi, and Yoneya takes a kote soon after the start.

    On Court 2, Norimoto goes for kote-men, a men is awarded to Higashinaga and the match finishes.

    Now comes Uchimura and Ura. It actually looks like Uchimura is the taller of the two.

    Back on Court 1, Yoneya's kote was enough to defeat Ishibashi in regulation.

    Straight after the Okido vs. Shimizu match starts, Okido takes a big men strike.

    Then back on Court 2, Uchimura takes a trademark kote against Ura in encho to go to the third round.

    Now it's Onda and Kotani on Court 2.

    On Court 1, Okido pressures Shimizu and as Shimizu raises his hands, he strikes a great debana-kote. That means that Shiratori and Nishimura, the 4th yr. uni student are up.

    Onda takes men to defeat Kotani. Then on comes Shodai and Ogura. Only a few seconds into the match, Shodai strikes men. Could this be his year again?

    Nishimura and Shiratori heads into encho.

    Shodai then takes a kote to finish his match.

    On comes the company worker Masuda and Oshige.

    Nishimura takes a do in encho to go through. Can he do as well as Hatakenaka a few years ago.

    Masuda and Oshige is shaping up to be a great match. First Masuda gets a monster men strike and soon after Oshige equalises with a kote strike.

    On Court 1 on comes defending champion Takanabe and Yamamoto the company worker.

    Masuda and Oshige goes into encho and right away, Oshige finishes the match with a men strike.

    The third round is now starting on Court 2 as Court 1 heads into encho with Takanabe and Yamamoto.

    The matches are quickening up now.

    Takanabe is through to the third round after a tense match with a kote in encho.

    The third round now starts on Court 1 with Iwashita and Enmyo.

    Court 2 is Oishi, the young policeman from Osaka and Uchida. Oishi has a height advantage.

    In encho, Oishi launches a kote strike but nothing given. Uchida launches a tsuki that doesn't connect and as Uchida lets down his guard, Oishi strikes with a hiki-gote.

    Up now on Court 2 is Higashinaga and Kawakami. Higashinaga wins with a men and do.

    Next is Onda and Uchimura.

    Iwashita defeats Enmyo with a tsuki. Nakano and Tsuchida follow.

    Uchimura goes for a kote but doesn't connect. He draws in Onda who goes for men. Uchimura then tries hiki-men but doesn't connect. There're now in encho.

    Uchimura launches a big men strike but it's not enough.

    Nakano and Tsuchida are now in encho.

    A tsuki from Nakano on Court 1 but nothing given. Both matches are quite tense. Uchimura goes for a gyaku-do, it's not given. Straight after he gets a kote. That means he's on his way to the QF.

    Now Shodai is up against Oshige on Court 2. SHould be a good match. Just as I typed that, Shodai gets a men.

    On Court 1 Nakano wins with a men strike.

    Now Yoneya is up against Okido. The shimpan stops the match after Yoneya nearly falls. He's given a hansoku. Yoneya then strikes kote, one flag goes up. He gets nothing.

    It certainly is a lively match. I think that most of the crowd are behind Yoneya.

    Shodai's one ippon was enough to send him into the QF at the expense of Oshige. That'Us the action on Court 2 finished for now. When Court 1 finishes, the children will be demonstrating the Bokuto-ni Yoru-Kendo-Kata-Kihon-Ho.

    Yoneya and Okido is now well into encho. Okido launches a men strike but Yoneya's shinai gets caught in his sleeve. Yoneya wins with a kote.

    In the final match befoire the break, Takanabe goes through with a men strike against the student Nishimura.

    Usually, the QF onwards will be on one court, but as the schedule is so far behind, they'll be taking place on two. Now the regualtion match time is ten minutes.

    QF 1: Iwashita vs. Nakano
    Iwashita scores with a tsuki. Then a kote. He's in the SF.

    QF 2: Oishi vs. Higashinaga
    Higashinaga moves forward and forward again, Oishi steps back and as he does, his men is struck by Hiagshinaga who gets the point. Oishi starts to come back with a couple of decent men strikes.

    There's a problem with Oishi's shinai and the match is stopped.

    Oishi is coming back into the match. Higashinaga is proving to be strong.

    It's all going off here. Higashinage gets a hansoku for what looks like not separating. Straight after the restart Oishi goes for a big men, then Higashinaga a gyaku-do.

    Oishi gets his second hansoku for being pushed out of the court and Higashinaga wins.

    QF 3: Yoneya vs. Takanabe
    Both very popular judging by the reaction of the crowd when their names are read out.

    After a few brief exchanges at the beginning the match settles down.

    Takanabe gets a tsuki.

    Takanabe finishes the match with a kote to go to the SF.

    QF 4: Uchimujra vs. Shodai
    Both these are popular too judging from the cheers of the crowd.

    Things seem fairly even so far. Both have had some good shouts.

    Another good shout for kote from Uchimura followed by men from Shodai.

    A great kote strike from Shodai. If the crowd were giving the points he'd be one up now.

    They're into encho.

    Straight away a big men strike from Shodai but nothing given.

    Uchimura keeps blocking with his shinai. Shodai can't find a way around it.

    A good attempt at men by Uchimura but to no avail.

    SHodai hits men. He thinks he's got it as a white flag goes up. However, it's only the one. Match continues.

    Uchimura strikes kote and Shodai men at the same time. Neither given.

    Shodai has to change his shinai.

    Shodai makes a big men strike that's immediately countered by Uchimura.

    Very soon after, Uchimura wins the match with a men strike.

    SF 1: Iwashita vs. Takanabe

    A men straight off for Iwashita but not given.

    Takanabe goes for kote, also not given.

    This is only Iwashita's second appearance. It's Takanabe's 9th.

    Lots of time in issoku. Takanabe then just blasts off with a fantastic men strike. that scores.

    Iwashita lures in Takanabe who then goes for a men but misses. Iwashita misses the counter too.

    A good attempt at kotefrom Takanabe.

    Pressure from Iwashita.

    Hiki-men from Takanabe.

    Takanabe opressures but runs into the end of Iwashita's shinai.

    There's not much time left now for I washita.

    Iwashita keeps coming forwards, more so than Takanabe.

    Another go at men from Takanabe.

    Time is up. Takanabe wins. In the final for the second year running.

    SF 2: Higashinaga vs. Uchimura
    Straight away Uchimura goes for do but weak.

    A couple of half-attempts by Higashinaga.

    Both very cautious - a lot at stake.

    Lots of time in tsubazeriai and slow to separate.

    Higashinaga goes for kote - doesn't quite make it.

    Uchimura lures in Higashinaga. As Higashinaga starts to move, Uchimura goes for debana-kote. He's too slow as Higashinaga scores a big solid basic men. Great point.

    Higashinaga goes for kote, Uchimura counters with men. Nothing given.

    Uchimura goes for his trademark kote but again Higashinaga is too quick. Another fantastic men finishes the match.

    Higashinaga is in his first final.

    Final: Higashinaga vs. Takanabe
    This is Higashinaga's first final and Takanabe's third. Higashinaga has been very impressive so far. This should be an interesting final.

    The first attack goes to Takanabe, kote and men. None hit.

    Lots of time in issoku.

    As Takanabe raises his hands, Higashinaga goes for kote.

    A lightning fast tsuki from Takanabe just as Higashinaga raises his hands. An awesome tsuki.

    Higashinaga starting to pressure.

    Again Higashinaga moving forwards. And again.

    Takanabe seems content to soak it up.

    A quick kote from Takanabe that's blocked by Higashinaga who goes for men.

    A gyaku-do from Higashinaga excites the crowd but not the shimpan.

    Takanabe is pressuring.

    Again Higashinaga comes forward. Slow to separate.

    A really good kote from Higashinaga looks good but it isn't.

    Takanabe goes for men and then Higashinaga hiki-men.

    Time is up and Takanabe wins.

    Champion for the second year running.!!

    Nihon Kendo Kata (Shimano Hanshi (L - Uchidachi) Matsui Hanshi (R - Shidachi))

    Iwashita vs. Nakamura

    Oishi vs Tanaka

    Kawakami vs. Ishizaki

    Enmyo vs. Kanazawa

    Uchida vs. Ishii

    Furukawa vs. Akao



    Uchimura Ryoichi


    Ishibashi's tsuki against Kamamura




    The 59th All Japan Kendo Championships (AJKC) is just around the corner, being held on Thursday 3rd November, the Culture Daynational holiday in Japan. This year, reigning champion Takanabe Susumu of Kanagawa Police is looking to make it two in row in what is his ninth outing in these championships. He is by far the most experienced competitor in this years competition having won all the major competitions, except for theTodofuken in which he has placed third. The diminutive Uchimura Ryoichi, last years runner-up and champion in 2006 and 2009, will be vying to make it three titles. If he manages to take the title this year it will be three from six a truly impressive record. Even more so when out of the five championships he has entered so far, he has failed to place in only one - the others being two second places and a third.

    Back after a years absence is Shodai Kenji, the popular jodan kenshi from Kanagawa who was the 2008 champion. He was defeated in the first round by Oishi Hiroyuki, the young policeman from Osaka making his debut, in 2009 and failed to qualify last year,so he will be looking to have a good outing this time around. Oishi also failed to qualify last year but is back this year. He has possibly the pick of the first round matches facing Tanaka Tatsuya of Tokyo. Unusually for one of Tokyos representatives, Tanaka is not a policeman. He is an instructor at the prestigious Hosei University in Tokyo, which he attended. While a student, he finished second in the student team competition and runner-up in the individuals. Before attending Hosei, Tanaka went to Toin Gakuen High School in Yokohama, the top kendo high school in Kanagawa and one of the top in Japan. While there, he won the 2002 and 2003 Inter-high Competition and the 2003 Gyokuryuki competition. An impressive pedigree indeed.

    Norimoto Shiko, the doctor from Tottori, isback for his fifth consecutive championships. In the first round he faces Harada Kenji of Fukushima, the younger brother of the 2005 champion, Harada Satoru. The younger Harada is alsoa graduate of the aforementioned Toin Gakuen and should either he or Norimoto progress to the next round, they will meet the winner of another one of the potentially exciting first-round draws Furusawa Tsuneomi of Kumamoto and Higashinaga Yukihiro of Saitama. Both are R6-dan and both are making their seventh appearance in the AJKC. Furusawa has the better record in this competition finishing as runner-up in 2006. Higashinaga has the better record in the police championships coming third in the team and individual competitions, and a 2nd place finish in the Todofuken Competition. One thing for sure is that one of them will experience disappointment early on.

    The quarter-finals start to throw up some potentially interesting matches.Providing that they manage to win the first, second and third rounds, Uchimuraagainst Shodai could be on the cards as could defending champion Takanabeagainst Yoneya Yuichi of Saitama. Yoneya is also hugely experienced, this ishis eighth competition, and has finished third in the 2008 championships, aswell as placing in all the other major tournaments.However, this tournament isalso notablefor who is not here Teramoto Shoji of Osaka, the 2007 championand the reigning world champion, and the Tokyo wonder kid, Hatakenaka Kosuke.

    There are 64 competitors in the AJKC and the majority of these come from the police. However, there are fewer this year than in previous years with 49 down from 56 last year which I think is a good thing. There are also five teachers, one university instructor, three company workers, three prison officers and one doctor. In 2008, the then Kokushikan University student Hatakenaka Kosuke qualified, and last year Osonoi Naoki of Tsukuba University.This trend has continued, with the difference that there are two students whowill be competing - Nishimura Ryutaro of Waseda University representing Sagaand Hojo Masanori of Nihon University representing Tochigi.

    It looks like it will be an interesting competition this year and Kendo Worldwill be there as usual to keep you posted. Follow the homepage for regular updates as the competition progresses and keep a look out for videos of the action on YouTube in the days following the competition.

    For now, who do you think is favourite? Who do you want to win? Are there any surprises in store? Comment below to share your thoughts.

    *Below is the tournamentladder and profiles of each competitor.

    Tournament Ladder


    Name,Age, Dan Grade, No. of Appearances, Occupation, Prefecture
    Main Competition History

    1. Iwashita Tomohisa, 33, R6-dan, 2nd App., PoliceOfficer, Chiba
    Todofuken Comp.: 2nd Place
    Police Team Comp.: 2nd Div. Winner, 2nd Place
    National Sports Meet: Winner

    2. Nakamura Naoki, 29, 5-dan, 3rd App., Police Officer, Ishikawa

    Police Team Comp.: 2nd Div. 2nd Place

    3. Utsunomiya Tooru, 35, R6-dan, 3rd App., Police Officer, Oita

    Police Team Comp.: 3rd Div. Winner
    National Sports Meet: 2nd Place, 3rdPlace

    4. Kinoshita Tomonari, 28, 5-dan, 2nd App., Police Officer, Kagawa

    Police Team Comp.: 1st Div. 3rdPlace
    National Sports Meet: 3rd Place

    5. Enmyo Toshifumi, 26, 4-dan, Debut, Prison Officer, Hiroshima

    Correctional Officer Team Comp.: 2ndPlace

    6. Kanazawa Kenji, 27, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Miyagi

    7. Akao Kazuhiko, 31, 5-dan, 4th App., Police Officer, Gunma

    8. Furukawa Kosuke, 32, R6-dan, 2nd App., Police Officer, Osaka

    Police Team Comp.: Winner
    National Sports Meet: 2nd Place

    9. Nakano Takahiro, 31, R6-dan, 2nd App., Police Officer, Kyoto

    Todofuken Comp.:2nd Place
    Police Team Comp.: 1st Div. 3rdPlace
    Police Individual Comp.: 2nd Place (2times)
    National Sports Meet: 2nd Place

    10. Matsuwaki Shinsuke, 33, R6-dan, 2ndApp., Police Officer, Tokyo
    WKC Team: Winner

    Police Team Comp.: Winner

    11. Shimogawa Ryosuke, 31, 6-dan, 3rdApp., Police Officer, Fukuoka

    Police Team Comp.: 2nd Div. Winner

    12. Shimada Takafumi, 28, 5-dan, 2ndApp., Police Officer, Saitama

    13. Kimura Masashi, 32, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Mie Police Team Comp.: 3rdDiv. 2nd Place

    14. Tsuchida Keisuke, 30, 5-dan, 5thApp., Police Officer, Akita
    National Sports Meet: Winner

    15. Suzuki Hidenori, 29, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Fukui

    16. Shikano Mitsunari, 27, 5-dan, 5thApp., High School Teacher, Yamanashi

    Teachers Individual Comp.: 3rd Place
    Student Individual Comp.: 2nd Place. 3rdPlace
    National Sports Meet: Winner

    17. Yoneya Yuichi, 35, R6-dan, 8thApp., Police Officer, Saitama

    Todofuken Comp.:3rd Place
    Police Team Comp.: 1st Div. 3rdPlace (twice)
    Police Individual Comp.: 2nd Place

    National Sports Meet: Winner, 2nd Place,3rd Place

    18. Iwasaki Ryuichiro, 23, 4-dan, Debut, High School Teacher, Iwate

    19. Kamamura Naoya, 31, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Ehime

    Police Team Comp.: 3rd Div. Winner
    National Sports Meet: 3rd Place

    20. Ishibashi Taisuke, 35, R6-dan, 4thApp., Police Officer, Niigata

    Police Team Comp.: 2nd Div. Winner

    21. Shimizu Motoshi, 36, R6-dan, 5thApp., Police Officer, Aichi

    22. Tominaga Noriyuki, 28, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Kagoshima

    23. Okido Satoru, 27, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Osaka

    Police Team Comp.: 1st Div. 2ndPlace
    Student Comp.: Winner
    National Sports Meet: Winner

    24. Kawasaki Shin, 39, R7-dan, 3rdApp., High School Teacher, Ibaragi

    Teachers Team Comp.: Winner (twice)
    Teachers Individual Comp.: Winner (3 times)

    25. Ushima Ryosuke, 26, 5-dan, Company Worker, Hokkaido

    26. Shiratori Keisuke, 30, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Shizuoka

    27. Koe Ryunosuke, 26, 4-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Yamaguchi

    Police TeamC omp.: 3rd Div. 3rdPlace

    28. Nishimura Ryutaro, 21, 3-dan, Debut, 4thYr. University Student,Saga

    Student Team Comp.: Winner
    High School Team Comp.: Winner

    29. Amishiro Tadakatsu, 31, 5-dan, 3rdApp., Police Officer, Hyogo

    Police TeamComp.: 1st Div. 3rdPlace

    30. Takanabe Susumu, 35, R6-dan, 9thApp., Police Officer, Kanagawa

    AJKC: 58thWinner, 2nd Place, 3rd Place
    WKC Team: Winner (twice), 3rd Place
    Todofuken Comp.: 3rd Place
    Police Team Comp.: 1st Div. Winner
    Police Individual Comp.: Winner (3 times), 2ndPlace, 3rd Place (twice)
    National Sports Meet: Winner

    31. Murakata Kosuke, 26, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Fukuoka

    Police Team Comp.: 2nd Div. Winner

    32. Yamamoto Yuki, 36, R6-dan, Debut, Company Worker, Tokyo

    Todofuken Comp.: Winner, 3rd Place (twice)
    Business Team Comp.: Winner (3 times), 3rdPlace (twice)

    33. Nakama Yosuke, 32, 6-dan, 3rdApp., Police Officer, Okinawa

    34. Izumi Yushin, 29, 5-dan, 4thApp., Prison Officer, Aomori

    35. Tanaka Tatsuya, 26, 4-dan, Debut, University Instructor, Tokyo

    Student Team Comp.: 3rd Place
    Student Individual Comp.: 2nd Place

    36. Oishi Hiroyuki, 26, 5-dan, 2ndApp., Police Officer, Osaka

    Police Team Comp.: Winner
    Police Individual Comp.: 3rd Place
    Student Team Comp.: Winner

    Student Individual Comp.: Winner

    37. Mizobe Toshikazu, 27, 5-dan, 2ndApp., Police Officer, Nagano

    38. Oike Tomoyuki, 29, 5-dan, 2ndApp., Prison Officer, Okayama

    Correctional Officer Individual Comp.: 2ndPlace

    39. Uchida Katsuyuki, 31, 5-dan, 4thApp., High School Teacher, Shizuoka

    Todofuken Comp.:2nd Place
    Teachers Team Comp.: 3rd Place
    Teachers Individual Comp.: Winner
    National Sports Meet: Winner

    40. Ishii Hiroyuki, 32, 6-dan, 2ndApp., Police Officer, Chiba

    Police Team Comp: 2nd Div. Winner, 2ndPlace

    41. Ishizaki Takeshi, 32, 6-dan, 3rdApp., Police Officer, Nara

    42. Kawakami Arimitsu, 37, R6-dan, Debut, University Teacher, Ibaragi

    National Sports Meet: 3rd Place

    43. Kondo Masaaki, 34, 5-dan, 4thApp., Police Officer, Tokushima

    44. Inoue Hideyuki, 36, R6-dan, 5thApp., Police Officer, Toyama

    45. Harada Kenji, 30, 5-dan, 6thApp., Police Officer, Fukushima

    46. Norimoto Shiko, 29, 4-dan, 5thApp., Doctor, Tottori

    47. Furusawa Tsuneomi, 33, R6-dan, 7thApp., Police Officer, Kumamoto

    AJKC: 2nd Place

    48. Higashinaga Yukihiro, 34, R6-dan, 7thApp., Police Officer, Saitama

    Todofuken Comp.:2nd Place
    Police Team Comp.: 1st Div. 3rdPlace
    Police Individual Comp.: 3rd Place(twice)

    49. Uchimura Ryoichi, 31, 6-dan, 6thApp., Police Officer, Tokyo

    AJKC: 54th Winner, 57thWinner, 2nd Place (twice)
    WKC Team: Winner, 3rd Place
    Todofuken Comp.: Winner (3 times), 3rdPlace
    Police Team Comp.: Winner
    Police Individual Comp.: Winner (twice)

    50. Watanabe Yudai, 28, 5-dan, 2ndApp., Police Officer, Yamagata

    51. Tsuda Kentaro, 30, 5-dan, Debut, PoliceOfficer, Aichi

    52. Ura Naoki, 29, 5-dan, 2ndApp., Police Officer, Hyogo

    53. Kotani Akinori, 27, 5-dan, 3rdApp., Police Officer, Chiba

    Todofuken Comp.: 3rd Place
    Police Team Comp.: 2nd Div. Winner
    National Sports Meet: Winner

    54. Onoda Toshihide, 34, R6-dan, 5thApp., Police Officer, Nagasaki

    55. Onda Hidekazu, 34, R6-dan, 2ndApp., Police Officer, Shimane

    56. Murata Hironori, 29, 5-dan, 2ndApp., Police Officer, Wakayama

    57. Nishiyama Hirokazu, 28, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Kochi

    58. Shodai Kenji, 30, 6-dan, 6thApp., Police Officer, Kanagawa

    AJKC: 56th WinnerWKC Team: Winner

    59. Ogura Yutaro, 25, 4-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Fukuoka

    60. Hojo Masanori, 21, 4-dan, Debut, 4thYr. University Student,Tochigi

    61. Masuda Kotaro, 28, 5-dan, Debut, Company Worker, Shiga

    Business Team Comp.: 2nd Place
    Student Team Comp.: 3rd Place
    High School Team Comp.: 2nd Place
    High School Individual Comp.: 2nd Place

    62. Ushirogi Akihito, 27, 5-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Hokkaido

    63. Oshige Takahiro, 32, 6-dan, Debut, Police Officer, Miyazaki

    64. Nakagawa Toshikatsu, 28, 5-dan, Debut, PoliceOfficer, Gifu

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