12th Hong Kong Regional Kendo Championships

12th Hong Kong Regional Kendo Championships

The 12th Hong Kong Regional Kendo Championships was successfully held on december 18, 2016. Just like in last year, kendoka from China, Hong Kong and Macau stayed in Lei Yue Mun, Hong Kong, to fight for the honour of being the strongest team in the region.

26 men’s and 20 women’s teams participated in this championship. Every team fought with all their strength and great spirit in their matches, but the most impressive moment was the men’s final match. After each player was held by their opponent, the winner was finally decided after 14 minutes of the daihyo-sen match. The men’s championship was won by Hong Kong A Team, and the women’s title was taken by Guangzhou Kendo Club A Team.

It was our pleasure to host Kyoshi 8-dan Kasamura Koji-sensei and Kyoshi 8-dan Yamazaki Masaru-sensei from the All Japan Kendo Federation. We would like to thank them for their tuition in the kendo seminar that was held on December 17 and they were shimpan-cho and shimpan-shunin in the tournament.

Men Championship
Winner:   Hong Kong A Team
1st Runner-up:   IMC A Team
2nd Runner-up:   Hong Kong B Team
Macau A Team

Women Championship
Winner:   Guangzhou Kendo Club A Team
1st Runner-up:   Hong Kong A Team
2nd Runner-up:   廣州直心館 A Team
Hong Kong B Team