56th All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships

56th All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships
Sunday September 24, 2017 

Kendo World is at the 56th All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships in Nagano at the fantastic “White Ring Arena”, a venue for the figure and speed skating events at the 1998 Winter Olympics. The ice has been melted or removed and 64 of Japan’s top female kendoka have gathered here all with the aim of being crowned All Japan Champion.


White Ring Arena

In recent years in the men’s AJKC, there have been several students take part, most notably Takenouchi Yuya, but the bulk of competitors being made up police officers. However, in the women’s competition, 25 of the 64 competitors are students, with 20 being police officers. There is even one high school student, 18-year-old 3-dan Sugawara Yuka from Shimane prefecture. Conversely, the eldest competitor this year is 43-year-old K7-dan Murayama Chinatsu of Saitama police. She is appearing in her twenty-fourth AJWKC and has won the 44th, 45th, 46th, 48th and 50th editions, as well as being runner-up twice and third once. An incredible record. 

Defending champion Shodai Sayuri (R6-dan, Tokyo) is back, as is former two-time champion, Osaka’s Yamamoto Mariko (5-dan). 

We’ll be posting videos of the later rounds YouTube a few days after the tournament, so please keep checking for updates.

56th AJWKC