Kendo World 8.3 – Synopsis

Kendo World 8.3 is almost ready; we are very sorry for the delay. A synopsis of the contents can be found below. Kendo World 8.3 Synopsis Editorial: Letting Go… By Alex Bennett In this editorial, Alex describes the importance of “letting go” in keiko. In Japanese this is described by the word “sutemi”, which literally means “discarding the body”. The key to kendo improvement is sutemi, throwing yourself into every attack. The 64th All Japan Kendo Championships By Michael Ishimatsu-Prime … Continue reading

Kendo World 4.1 – On Sale on Zinio NOW!

Kendo World 4.1 – On Sale on Zinio NOW! Ladies and Gentlemen, The Kendo World Team is pleased to announce that issue 4.1 of Kendo World, originally released in 2007 and out of print for many years, is now available here in the Zinio ebook format. We are working hard to get the remaining issues of volumes 4, together with volumes 5 and 6, ready so that our entire catalogue will be available on the Zinio ebook platform. (Don’t know about Zinio? See below!) Here are … Continue reading

Forsaken Kendo — Katate guntō-jutsu

By Baptiste Tavernier Originally published in Kendo World 7.3, December 2014. Introduction It is always interesting to see how events connect to form the stream of history. Who would imagine, for example, that one might find a link between an obscure disease called pébrine, which plagued France in the second half of the 19th century, and a martial art studied on the other side of the globe in Japan? Pébrine and flacherie are both diseases found in silkworms, and they … Continue reading

The “Shinai-kyōgi” Experiment

by Alex Bennett.  Originally published in Kendo World 5.4 Following Japan’s defeat in the Second World War, the martial arts were banned by Occupation authorities as they were considered to be “undemocratic” and conduits for imparting “ultra-nationalism” and “militarism”. All the budo arts were subject to the ban, but kendo was viewed as being particularly unsavoury due to the symbolism of the infamous Japanese sword. In reality, there were many diehard kendo enthusiasts who continued practising away from the wary eye of … Continue reading