Kendo World 8.2 Print Edition Available Now!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kendo World is please to announce that the hardcopy printed edition of Kendo World 8.2 is now available and can be purchased here! A synopsis of the issue is below. If you need to get some of the issues that you do not have, back numbers of Kendo World can be purchased here. The Zinio ebook edition of Kendo World 8.2 has been available for some time, and details on how to buy that edition are below. Thank you, … Continue reading

Tankendo Summer Seminar in Valence

I have been practising kendo for quite a few years and for as long as I can remember, my first memory of tankendo, as a kyusha, was an article I read in Kendo World in which there were pictures of what I mistakenly thought to be kenshi practising an unidentified martial art with unidentified rifle-shaped pieces of wood, and funny very small shinai. When I started asking questions around me, nobody in my dojo could tell me what it was! … Continue reading

Kendo World 8.2 Synopsis

Ladies and gentlemen, the finishing touches to Kendo World 8.2 are now being made and it should be ready for sale very soon. To whet your appetite, here is a synopsis of the content. Kendo World 8.2 Synopsis Editorial By Alex Bennett In the Editorial, Alex joyfully describes his brand new set of premium handmade bogu that took several years to make and cost the same as a medium-sized car, but he also laments on the state of bogu production … Continue reading

World TV Dojo opening in Taipei  

By Julie Hsieh “Gong xi, gong xi! Guan Zhang!” (Congratulations, Dojo owner!) Wow! Am I dreaming? I just became a dojo owner in my hometown of Taipei, Taiwan. People have called me “doctor”, “COO”, and even “Lulu Fairy” (I host a kid’s TV show teaching Confucian values; yes, dressed as a fairy…). But Guan Zhang, I will have to get used to that. It all started in 2009 when my husband David and I were living in Seattle and looking … Continue reading