Kendo World is pleased to announce that issue 4.3 is now available on the Zinio ebook platform. In order to purchase/view it, you will need a Zinio account and then install the app on your smartphone or tablet. It can also be viewed on PCs and Macs. For more information about Zinio, please check To buy 4.3 or another Kendo World back issue, click here. To buy 8.3 or a two issue subscription (8.3 and 8.4), click here. To buy the Kendo World 16th WKC Special Issue or any of our other special editions (Naginata, Grading Successfully, Charles Boxer, etc.), click here. A table of contentsRead More →

Dear Kendoka, The Kendo World team is pleased to announce that we will be holding the 6th Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai on Saturday July 29, 2017, at Meiji University’s Nakano Campus, the same venue that has been used for the past three events. There will be a keiko session in the morning followed by a party in the university cafeteria in the afternoon. The cost of participation will be around 5,000yen. This keiko-kai has been scheduled for July 29, the day after the Foreign Kendo Leaders Seminar in Kitamoto finishes, so if you haven’t had enough kendo from July 21-28, why not join us, too? Like every year,Read More →

Apologies for the extreme tardiness in providing this report… The 5th Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai was held on Saturday July 30, 2016, at Meiji University’s Nakano Campus. It proved to be a very popular event with 68 participants from 20 different countries taking part. As the keiko-kai was scheduled for the day after the Kitamoto Seminar, seven participants from that seminar, who had obviously not had enough of kendo, joined us. We were also very lucky to have been joined by ten 8-dan sensei. The day began at about 9:30am with the participants doing ji-geiko with each other until about 10:00am. After that the sensei were introduced toRead More →

Kendo World / Shogun Kendogu “Blue Label Article Competition” Kendo World Wants You! to WIN A SET OF SHOGUN KENDOGU BOGU!! Do you want to be well-protected and look smart in the dojo with a fully-customisable set of bōgu? Do you want to revel in the kudos from dojo mates, friends, and family for having your work in print in Kendo World? Well, to make these dreams come true Kendo World has teamed up with the boys at Shogun Kendogu to bring you the “Blue Label Article Competition” where you can win a set of Shogun Kendogu’s Blue Label bōgu – valued at $749.99! AllRead More →