Kendo World 8.3 – Synopsis

Kendo World 8.3 is almost ready; we are very sorry for the delay. A synopsis of the contents can be found below. Kendo World 8.3 Synopsis Editorial: Letting Go… By Alex Bennett In this editorial, Alex describes the importance of “letting go” in keiko. In Japanese this is described by the word “sutemi”, which literally means “discarding the body”. The key to kendo improvement is sutemi, throwing yourself into every attack. The 64th All Japan Kendo Championships By Michael Ishimatsu-Prime … Continue reading

At the Sharp End

By Stuart Gibson Originally published in Kendo World 4.3, 2008. Recently in Tokyo there has been something of a furore regarding mukae-zuki, which at the beginning of August this year culminated in letters from the Municipal Kendo Association going to all dōjō in Tokyo. Basically, a high ranking teacher in a particular ward had seriously injured someone with mukae-zuki, to the point that the person actually needed time off work to recover. The injuries included severe bruising to the throat and … Continue reading

12th Hong Kong Regional Kendo Championships

12th Hong Kong Regional Kendo Championships The 12th Hong Kong Regional Kendo Championships was successfully held on december 18, 2016. Just like in last year, kendoka from China, Hong Kong and Macau stayed in Lei Yue Mun, Hong Kong, to fight for the honour of being the strongest team in the region. 26 men’s and 20 women’s teams participated in this championship. Every team fought with all their strength and great spirit in their matches, but the most impressive moment … Continue reading

Embrace the Failing

By Boris Jansen Originally published in Kendo World 7.2, 2014. I am still on a high after passing my kendo 6-dan in August 2013. The preparation, failing, reflection, struggling and finally passing the exam, turned out to be a much greater experience than I initially expected. The failing forced me to take a step back and helped me to transform my kendo into what I believe is more mature and varied, and on top of it, just more fun. In this … Continue reading