Kendo World 8.3 – Synopsis

Kendo World 8.3 is almost ready; we are very sorry for the delay. A synopsis of the contents can be found below. Kendo World 8.3 Synopsis Editorial: Letting Go… By Alex Bennett In this editorial, Alex describes the importance of “letting go” in keiko. In Japanese this is described by the word “sutemi”, which literally means “discarding the body”. The key to kendo improvement is sutemi, throwing yourself into every attack. The 64th All Japan Kendo Championships By Michael Ishimatsu-Prime … Continue reading

51st Annual Iaido Championship 2016 in Tokyo

By Jeff Broderick After a 24-year absence, the 2016 All-Japan Iaido Championship tournament returned to Tokyo. On Saturday, October 22 the main event of the iaido year (along with the Kyoto Taikai in May) was held at the Tokyo Budokan in Adachi Ward. Iaidoka from across the country gathered to test their technique against the very best in Japan. The home team was obviously hungry for the victory; after a long period of taking a backseat to other Kanto strongholds … Continue reading

Kendo World 4.1 – On Sale on Zinio NOW!

Kendo World 4.1 – On Sale on Zinio NOW! Ladies and Gentlemen, The Kendo World Team is pleased to announce that issue 4.1 of Kendo World, originally released in 2007 and out of print for many years, is now available here in the Zinio ebook format. We are working hard to get the remaining issues of volumes 4, together with volumes 5 and 6, ready so that our entire catalogue will be available on the Zinio ebook platform. (Don’t know about Zinio? See below!) Here are … Continue reading

The 51st All-Japan Iaido Championships

The 51st All-Japan Iaido Championships Saturday October 22, 2016 This coming Saturday (October 22, 2016) will see the All-Japan Iaido Championships return to Tokyo, where the home team have been eagerly awaiting their chance to bring home the victory after strong finishes in the last few tournaments. But the other powerhouse prefectures of iaido – Kanagawa, Fukuoka, Saitama, Chiba – are not going to let them have an easy time of it. Will Nishino from Oita, or Utsunomiya from Ehime be able … Continue reading