Kendo World – Issue 3.4

Kendo World – Issue 3.4
Series: Magazines, Book 100
June 2007 — OUT OF PRINT; Digital version only
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Editorial: the yin and the yangs
13th World Kendo Championships
Starting Over – USA vs JAPAN
Chewing the Fat – Abe Tetsushi × Alex Bennet
3 years for 3 days for 3 minutes
Thoughts on the Japanese defeat
Book Mark 1: the warrior’s path
21st European Kendo Championships
Hanshi Says – Shimano Masahiro
Nuts and Bolts of kendo: nuki-waza
Book Mark 2: katori shinto-ryu
Reidan-jichi – part 4: training
sWords of wisdom: “hei-tenka-no-ken”
Kendo Clinic: knee injuries in kendo – part two
Makita Minoru sensei: kendo to me – the attraction
The Formation of Japanese Budo Culture – ryuha kenjutsu
Kendo that cultivates people – Part 2 / 3
Unlocking Japan – part 12: when in Rome…
Internationalization of BUDO Culture – important questions for the future of budo
Kendo Inside Out – Part 3: kukan-datotsu and kihon-uchi – Part 4 kirikaeshi and uchikomi-geiko
Naginata Technical Special : Shikake-Oji – part 2 nihon-me
Cutting-edge iaido
Dojo Files: Macau Kendo Associations Union
NITO – Part 3: fundamental techniques
Mandal international martial arts summer camp
Bushido – In the past and in the present
Tales of the samurai: a wedding present
The Art of Traditional Japanese Braiding: kumi-himo
The 5th otsu cup
What sensei’s do
Going postal
The cyber dojo
Talk with your kensen: International Musha Shugyo
International Goodwill Kendo Club
Living your art: an interview with Park Yong Chon – Korean sword master
Looking back
The longest encho
A Czech Tribute – in memory of Giga Toru sensei
Void = absence, simplification
The 5th hachidan taikai report
Book Mark 3: the kendo grading book
The nippon budokan foundation’s budo culture seminar
Kendo in context