Kendo World – Issue 4.1

Kendo World – Issue 4.1
Series: Magazines, Book 99
December 2007 — OUT OF PRINT; Digital version only
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The Bokuto
55th All Japan Kendo Championship
46th Women’s All Japan Championship
East vs West The 53rd Tozai Taiko 2007
The Current Kendo Refereeing System: Room for Improvement
Ishimatsu Shugyo Trip: a Play On Words
Japanese Myths & the Significance of the Sword
Teaching In a Foreign Language
Talk With Your Kensen: Sekishinkan in Hong Kong
Do You Believe in Miracles?
Diplomacy, Budo and Love
Historical Sightseeing No.2: Unganzenji Temple
The China Connection
Bushido in the past and in the present Part II
Breathing in Kendo Kata
DVD Review: All Japan Kendo Championships 1996-1999
Reidan-jichi part 5: About ‘Ki’
Unlocking Japan – Part 13: The Real SANTA
The New Zealand Kendo Federation Annual Kendo Seminar
Cutting-Edge Iaido
2007 Foreign Leaders’ Kendo Summer Seminar
sWords of Wisdom: Listen to the sound of the wind and the water…
Zen Meditation Experience
Kendo Inside Out – Part 5: Waza-geiko
NITO – Part 4: Basic Techniques
Hanshi Says – The late Oka Kenjiro
From Korea – The Internationalisation of Kumdo
Nuts and Bolts: Kaeshi-waza/Uchiotoshi-waza
Tenugui, From Rags to Riches
Kendo that Cultivates People – Part 4
Japanese Swordsmiths
4th World Naginata Championships in Brussels
Naginata Technical Special Shikake-Oji – Part 3: Sanbon-me
Tales of the Samurai – Chapter 5: The Heroism of Torii Katsutaka