Kendo World – Issue 4.2

Kendo World – Issue 4.2
Series: Magazines, Book 98
June 2008 — OUT OF PRINT; Digital version only
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Noma Dōjō – Forging a New Tradition
The 22nd European Kendo Championships
2008 Hachidan Taikai Report
Zen Calligraphy and Painting of Yamaoka Tesshū at the V&A
A Fusion of Old and New Tozando Shogoin Store
Hanshi Says: Sonoda Masaji
Kendo Inside Out Part 7: Kakari-geiko
Reidan-jichi Part 6: ‘Rei’
sWords of Wisdom: Tsuttatta-mi (Upright posture)
Unlocking Japan Part 14: Thug School
Ideas and History of the Sword Part 2: Ancient Japan and the Sword
Talk With Your Kensen: Bangkok/Bangladesh
Cherry Blossom Kendo. A Short History of Kendo in Washington D.C.
Dōjō Files: Kendo Clubs in the South of France
Tales of the Samurai Chapter 6: The Wrestling of a Daimyo
A Duffle Bag and a Bogu Bag Part 1: Staying Afloat in the Deep End
Shinai Sagas: The Contenders
The Adventure of the ‘Way of the Sword’ in the 21st Century
Teaching Kendo in a Non-Japanese High School
Bushido In the Past and in the Present Part III
The Asiatic Society of Japan Lecture Spiritual Sports
Kendo That Cultivates People Part 5: The Role of Keiko at Tanren-ki Level. Physical and Mental Forging Stage
What Senseis Do Part 2: Motodachi
Historical Sightseeing No. 003: Meiji-Mura Museum
Finding my Way
Chile Report
Russian Seminar Report. An Assortment of Comments from Club Representatives
Cutting-Edge Iaido
Classical Iai Seminar: Are all styles created equal ?
The 31st Nihon Kobudo Enbu Taikai
Jukendo World: Touch and Go!!
Naginata Technical Special: Shikake-Oji Part 4 Yonhon-me
Joto High School Naginata Club
DVD Review: Jissen Kendo