Kendo World – Issue 4.3

Kendo World – Issue 4.3
Series: Magazines, Book 97
December 2008 — OUT OF PRINT; Digital version only
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Kendo That Cultivates People Part 6: Th e Role of Keiko at Tanren-ki Level
Tozando Bogu Pioneer Sakigake
Hanshi Says; Okushima Yoshio (Hanshi 8-dan)
Th e Nuts ‘n’ Bolts of KENDO; What is Seme?
Know Your Opponent By Chiba Masashi (Kendo Hanshi 8-dan)
Reidan-jichi Part 7 ‘The Technical Theory of Kendo’
At the Sharp End
Practical Kendo; The Comprehensive Q&A Guide to the Art of Japanese Fencing
Kendo Clinic: Trigger Finger and Trigger Thumb
Unlocking Japan: Part 15 Expats and Mates
Dōjō Files: Auckland Kendo Club New Zealand Dojo Relocation 2008
Democratising Kendo Instruction through Institutional Agreements
From Brazil ‘82 to Brazil ‘09 VII South American Championship
Konishi Sensei
A Duffl e Bag & A Bogu Bag Part 2 : Diametrically Supposed
Luan Jujie’s Olympic Fencing Dream
Asiatic Society of Japan Lecture: The Role of Confucianism and Swordsmanship in the Bakumatsu Period
Ideas and History of the Sword Part 2 (b) Ancient Japan and the Sword
Forging Japanese Swords; Twenty Years on the Swordsmith’s Path PART 1
Enhancing Science by Considering ‘Principles of the Sword’
Reflections on the Katana; The Beauty & the Brutality
From Korea; The Internationalisation of Kumdo Part 2
International Naginata Federation Seminar 2008 in New Zealand
Naginata Technical Special: Shikake-Oji Part 5 Gohon-me
16th All Japan Jukendo Championship
Bushido In the past and in the present: Part IV
Bushido; The Zen calligraphy of Katsu Kaishū and Takahashi Deishū
Tales of the Samurai Chapter 7; The Story of Kimura Shigenari
Waseda University Kendo Club & Takano Sasaburo Sensei
sWords of Wisdom Ken-tai Ichinyo (Offence and defence are inseparably linked)
Shinai Sagas; Some Invisible Someone
Willem Gerard Ferdinand Bekink
Book Mark: Japanese Sword Fighting Secrets of the Samurai