Kendo World – Issue 4.4

Kendo World – Issue 4.4
Series: Magazines, Book 96
June 2009 — OUT OF PRINT; Digital version only
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Zinio amazon

Defining Budo,
Hanshi Says: Matsumoto Akimasa (K8),
Kendo in Brazil,
Shiori Sensei’s Chilean report,
The Internationalisation of kumdo,
NZ visit report,
Reidan-Jichi part 8 ‘Kamae’,
sWords of Wisdom – ‘The Precision of the Short Sword’,
Mumeishi Dōjō 40th Anniversary,
Nitō Part 5: Applied Techniques,
Ideas and History of the Sword Part 3: Ancient Japan and the Sword,
Old Scrolls Bokuden Matsugo-ryū,
Kendo Clinic: Ganglions – the “Bible Cyst”,
Unlocking Japan: Part 16 Lifer,
Tales of the Samurai Chapter 8: Honest Kyūsuke,
A Duffle Bag & A Bōgu Bag: Part 3: Bouncer,
Three Rōnin,
The Art of Devotion,
From Jukenjutsu to Jukendo,
Sumi Masatake – Kendo That Cultivates People Part 7: The Role of Keiko at ‘Tanren-ki’ Level,
The Process of Making Japanese Swords,
Enhancing Science by Considering “Principles of the Sword”,
Essentials for the study of Iai,
Cutting-Edge Iaido,
The Kendo Coach: Part 1 Sports Psychology in Kendo,
It’s a Long Hard Road,
Suigetsu – “The moon in water”,
Bookmark: Training The Samurai Mind,
Naginata Technical Special: Shikake-Ōji Part 6 Roppon-me,
An Overview of the Way of Naginata: The Perspective of a Traditionalist,
Martial Aids: The “Men-gane Cover”,
Bookmark: The Edo Inheritance.