Kendo World – Issue 5.1

Kendo World – Issue 5.1
Series: Magazines, Book 95
December 2009 — OUT OF PRINT; Digital version only
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14th World Kendo Championships Sao Paulo, Brazil
One Chance, One Opportunity: —The Story of Team USA—
Inside View 14th WKC and the Shinai Measuring Team
Hanshi Says Okada Yasuo (Hanshi 8-dan)
55th Zen Nihon Tozai Taiko Kendo Taikai
The 55th All Japan East-West Kendo Tournament
The Nuts ‘n Bolts of Kendo
What are the Principles of Maai?
The Importance and Practicality of Maintaining Chudan as a Form of Defence in Kendo
Do it Yourself Kendo
Kendo That Cultivates People Part 9: The Role of Keiko at ‘Tanren-ki’ Level
Kendo in Kathmandu
The Process of Making Japanese Swords Part 2
Reidan-jichi Part 9 ; Kamae
Spiritual Sports ; The Cultural Evolution ofJapanese Swordsmanship Part 1
Celebrating the Dead
Ideas and History of the Sword ; Part 4: Swords in Early-Modern Japan
The Nidan Grading
Trafalgar Square and Iai in the Sky
The Kendo Coach: Sports Psychology in Kendo Part 2: Coping with Anxiety
Boffaism & Beating the Bush Kendo & Violence
Kendo and the Search for Inner-Peace
A Sejourn in the Middle East
A Duffle Bag & a Bogu Bag ; Part 4 : Demos!
Jukendo no Kata
Book Mark 7 Samurai Wisdom Lessons from Japan’s Warrior Culture Translated by Thomas Cleary
Shinai Sagas: I’m Different Now…
Naginata Technical Special: Shikake-Ōji Part 7 Nanahon-me
Principles of the Sword
NITO PART 6: Applied Techniques Part 2
sWords of Wisdom Kiten no Muto-dori (Stealing the sword with savoir-faire)
Unlocking Japan: Part 17 ; The Safe Country?
Historical Sightseeing Sekigahara Town
Dōjō Files Kendo Sensei Passing through Catalunya (South-West France)