The Kendo Grading Book

The Kendo Grading Book
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this book covers everything you need to know to face your next kendo grading with confidence...
About the Book
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A popular seller for Kendo Nippon in the Japanese version, this book covers everything you need to know to face your next grading with confidence, be it your 4th dan or your 7th. Find out what the examiners are looking for, not just in the practical parts, but how to bow and how to dress for success! It is accompanied by videos showing all the points from the book, plus all kihon and advanced techniques are reviewed, as well as in-depth drills to bring your practical skills up to speed. Even if you’re not planning on sitting a grading, if you follow the steps outlined in the book and the videos your kendo will see immediate benefits.

Written by former Self Defense Forces kendo instructor, Yoshiyama Mitsuru, Kyoshi 7th dan. He is also currently coaching the Russian Kendo Federation, and is active in promoting kendo internationally. In Japan he also holds weekly seminars all over Japan, covering the same contents of this book, and has many satisfied students who reached their goals after taking his advice.

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Chapter 1
Before Beginning Practice
Seme and Striking
Completing an Attack

Chapter 2
Re-examination of Basic Striking Actions
Three Exercises to Strengthen Spirit
Applying Kendo Kata to Shinai Practice
Controlling the Centre with Tsuki


Chapter 3
Reflecting on Your kendo
Men Counter to Your Opponent’s Attack
Basic Practice Drills
Basic Practice Drills
Practice Drills from Chikama
Completion of Keiko