ABCD- Budo for Everyone!

Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mr. Miyagi. Well, we can leave Mr. Miyagi out, but on the whole, most people have preconceived ideas of budo being the domain of rough, tough, staunch, and cut individuals. The cool image of the athletic warrior serves as an incentive for many people to start the martial arts, but at the same time it prevents many others from taking that first step into the dōjō. Of those who have started … Continue reading

Musashi Meets a Green Beret

Our mortality is our greatest fear and also in many ways our greatest fixation. The number of TV networks that broadcast series exploring topics from state-of-the art weaponry to survival techniques, historical battles and stylized combat traditions is on the rise. Maybe the enthusiasm to scrutinize violence is a consequence of the barrage of graphic images of destruction and carnage that we see on the news every day. In view of that, there also seems to be a distinct upsurge … Continue reading